Would you..

…buy a t-shirt that says this?




  1. Confirm. Set. Onz.

    But buying and wearing are two different things. HEH.

  2. if I can get some kind of protection from being slapped by random females off the streets

  3. mykel: new blog? anyway i just realised my family doctor has to SAME NAME as you, except his middle one is one letter diff =P. and he was damn cute laaa…haha.

    by the way, buying IS not the same as wearing, but from my end, as long as you buy, i don’t care if you wear or not. lol =P

    Dylan: where have you been!!! anyway, see above for my response to that. haha =P

  4. I would, and I’d look good in it. So where do I preorder?

  5. Ecstasy: well, before that I’d have to find out how much it costs to have a t shirt printed, and then find out about min orders =P

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