Her phone buzzed shortly. It was a text message from him, informing her of the room number. Making sure that no one would see her, she breezed into the hotel lobby, walking in with the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude that she has learned and honed over time.

He opened the door and peered suspiciously out, making sure he wasn’t seen. When he recognized the figure standing in the door way, he smiled.

Come in.

They didn’t waste time. He planted his lips on her, hands wrapped around her waist. Soon fingers were desperately trying to look for buttons to loosen and buckles to undo. Breaking away from the hungry kisses he spun her around and pressed her up against the wall.

You like this, don’t you. He whispered oh-so-seductively into her ears as his hands found their way in front, massaging her breasts, and then disappearing down in between her legs. A soft moan of pleasure escaped from her lips.

You’re so wet.

He pushed her gently on the bed, and a grin forms across her face. Licking her lips, she took his already hard cock in her hands, her tongue finding its way up and down his shaft. It was his turn to moan softly.

Oh yes.

Slowly, she wrapped her lips around it and started doing what he loved for her to do best. In that moment both were soaking in pleasure, of being blown, of being fingered.

But he wasn’t done. Pushing her down back onto the bed, he spread her legs slowly.

It’s been awhile. And he pushed himself slowly into her.

From missionary, to doggy, and back. In that hour the couple knew no one else but themselves, taking time to explore every single inch of each other’s body.

Suck me til I cum.

She needed no other forms of urging.


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