Modus Operandi.

Are you really as good as I think you are? He teased while playfully stroking her cheek.

You’re welcome to try, she grinned.

With that invitation, he hesitated no furthur, but took his time.

I like to please my women first.

It was slow and sensual, he took his time in removing her clothes, plating soft kisses on her face, ears, neck, down her breasts and slowly, spreading her legs and going in between.

But this time doesn’t belong to her. It was his.

My turn, she placed a hand on the top of his head to stop him.

Lean back, she whispered.

As he settled comfortable on the pillows, she hovered over him.

Be careful of what you wish for, she traced a line down his torso, stopping just above his crotch.

You might just get it.

She leaned in for a kiss. As his kisses turned hungry, she broke away, and chuckled at the look of shock on his face. Planting a kiss on his cheek, her tongue found his ear. As she alternated between nibbling, sucking, and licking, she moved slowly down to his neck, taking her time around his nipples, travelling down his torso, retracing the steps her finger took, only this time, she went much furthur south.

Deliberately ignoring his crotch area, she went down to his thighs, taking her time on the insides, slowly heading back up. When he felt her hot breath on his balls, he moaned in delight when she started licking and sucking on them.

Suck me, he begged.

Her tongue slowly found its way up his shaft, teasing it slowly, going up in a circular motion. When her tongue found its head, she teased him further, moving it around in slow circular motions.

Suck me please.

Her lips slowly wrapped around him, she took her time, alternating between sucking and licking, all the while teasing with her tongue.

As his breathing grew heavier, her strokes began to quicken. And she took more and more of him, sending waves and waves of pleasure over him.

And as he grabbed her hair, his head leaned back, he exploded into her mouth.

Recovering, he sat up and grinned, wiping the last drips of his cum from her lips, and winked.

You’re no disappointment.


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