I think I finally figured out why women want to cuddle after sex.

Let’s not use cuddle though, maybe, stay in bed a little more.

The logic is simple. If you were a man, you’re relatively big, meaning long, and thick, and if you were screwing someone who is tight, and assuming that it was really great sex, meaning it didn’t just last for 10 minutes. With your length and thickness, would you seriously expect that the girl is able to get up and walk properly right after the deed is done?

So the next time you complain about the woman wanting to stay in bed a little longer, maybe it was because of the fact that she can’t walk properly after sex.

It’s always about the size of your tool, and not because she reaallly wants to cuddle with you.




  1. Tool or not, I always cuddle.

  2. you do realise that some girls DON”T cuddle after sex right? 😉

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