MacBooks & iBooks.

As I posted on sneexe’s post, my year old, super protected MacBook is falling apart.

Actually, I should’ve seen the signs when I first bought it. Shiny and new, the parts didn’t seem as durable as the older iBooks. The overall appearance of the MacBook made it look like a toy, even the white ones. But I was being the ultimate material slut so I didn’t bother.

But I should’ve also seen the signs when I started missing my iBook a week after I gave it away. My iBook, ran on a 256mb RAM, 1.03ghz processor and a 30gb hard disk and never died on me. This on account of the fact that it had acquired alot of “battle scars” over the past 3 years I was using it. Scratches, dents, sticker stains, severe abuse by owner (running numerous heavy applications at one go), it even survived a fall, although coming out slightly warped in shape.

But despite all that, my iBook was faithful. The only problem with it was that it could no longer read CDs or DVDs because the slot drive refused to work and it was out of warranty so I refused to get it fixed.

Now, to add insult to injury, the edges of my MacBook, where I rests my palms, are cracking. The only explanation for this, (even the guys working at Apple Centre@Orchard recognise this problem!) is that the grooves on the top of the MacBook when closed will actually press on the bottom part, which I figured is what causes the cracks especially when I carry the MacBook around in my backpack. (This didn’t happen with my iBook!!!)
Now I gotta rummage through my store room for the receipt as proof of warranty so I can go get it fixed. *grumpy*

Does anyone want to donate a shiny new MacBook pro?



  1. Don’t worry darling, my lousy Acer laptops are still working fine after numerous crashes.

  2. Erm, that’s not quite the point is it.

  3. …yeah the old one was literally built like a clamshell.

    Hafta be more delicate with the new stuff. but Panasonic has the utterly glorious all-metal, drop-proof, water-resistant toughbook series… Super light and super slim also… I would have got one of those if I had budge for MacBook.

    And yeah I miss my first Acer Travelmate like CRAZY. I want it back.

  4. Acer, the one that got stolen?

    I miss my iBook too..*sniff*

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