I remember during my earlier school days, in the council room (yes I was in the Students’ Council) we had a sofa set. A very old sofa set. And because it was so old and beat up and seasoned, it was the favourite lounge spot.

But being old also meant it smelled. And when the others would fight for space on the sofa set, someone would always quip, “you don’t know what’s been on it man”.

Now, this not only applies to old and beat up sofa sets which smell funny, but many other things in which many people would have laid hands on it. An example? A rented car.

I say this because I encountered it personally.

Many years ago, I was involved with this a guy who had returned to Singapore on vacation from school. Since he would be here for a relatively long period of time (for a vacation), he rented a car. Wasn’t an old one, pretty decent, all-American brand. Good enough to get around.

Before I met him for a particular date though, he did warn that he hasn’t been getting any for awhile. Me, being the very innocent (relatively) me then, didn’t think much of it.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting a 10-inch schlong (no kidding). So what happens when you get a 10 incher who hasn’t had any in a while?

A whole lot of mess.

So we were in the back seat, me doing my thing, and he just, exploded.

All over the seats, the back of the front seat, and the door handle.

And I was quite sure that in the dark, cleaning up efficiently was not possible.

And I was doubly sure that he didn’t bother to clean up properly even when he got home.

I wonder if the friend who sat in that exact seat the next day felt anything sticky when he tried to open the door.



  1. You forgot to add, the smell of sperm.

  2. No,sweetie…the friend would not feel or see a thing…probably smell it in all its vaporised glory…big load heh? LOL

  3. Haha, there weren’t any smells the next day, at least I couldn’t smell any. =P

    And yes, big load.

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