Paid for Sex.

One thing confuses me to no end.

Why do girls agree to be paid for their company/sex?

Sure, the argument for this is that if you can get paid doing what you enjoy, and if it doesn’t take much effort, then why not?

But to be given money in exchange for your time.

I’ve had a few offers myself, and yes, it is tempting. Simply put, its easy money. There no hard work and practically a no-brainer job. But what do you sacrifice in the process?

Its one thing to be taken out for a meal or a holiday and have all your expenses paid, especially if you have been invited. But it really is another to be given a sum of money for their time on top of everything else.

What gives?

On a separate note, this reminded me of an idea that popped into my head, which I probably mentioned on this blog a couple of months ago. If I have enough requests (smirk, smirk), I might repost it.

And don’t worry, it’s nothing innocent.



  1. self-respect?

  2. *shrugs* =)

  3. if you think you’re so good the guy would wanna pay you, doesnt that add to your self respect?
    (confused and talking shit)

  4. Mr H: erm, i don’t think that’s the point?

  5. not really related but there is a chinese saying (which i cannot remember) which means that prostitutes get more respect than the pauper. if memory serves, i’ve read some where that cantonese society tend to be like that. look down on the poor than the whore. so, self esteem and self worth or lack thereof may not be easily explained for those who sell their body for a living.

  6. AL: that’s contextual isn’t it.

    Putting morality, and societal standards aside. Also, what if these girls are doing it purely for fun and not because they desperately need the money? Then our standards would change, wouldn’t it?

    In this day and age where all sorts of other jobs are readily available should one have a choice, then where does prostitution as a choice of occupation come in?

    If a girl does it for fun and not because she needs the money desperately, it changes too right?

    Anyway, my point is that, when a person is easily bought over by money, be it time sex or opinion, then where does your respect of that person lie? Compare this to if you couldn’t buy them over with money. Would there be a difference?

  7. Paying for sex? Well its a great deal cheaper than spending weeks wooing the girl with gifts, dinners, etc etc.

  8. K: weeeell, I would assume that most guys would see the weeks spent wooing the girl as a sort of challenge or investment that should eventually pay off.

    Of course, I’m sure there are others like yourself who think otherwise. Maybe I should’ve asked whether men would pay for sex rather than assume that the large majority doesn’t.


  9. interesting.

    maybe it’s a power thing.

    Now, I don’t 100% subscribe to that idea, but it’s an interesting perspective nonetheless.

  10. I would agree its a power thing.

    It’s a, because I am paying for you I have power over you and you shall do whatever I ask you to.


  11. Yeah. If a guy pays a girl for sex, then it really does mean that the girl has to do everything the guy wants her to. After all, that’s only a fair exchange, if the price is right, of course.

    But then again, like what you said earlier.. guys spend weeks wooing a girl with dinners, movies, gifts etc etc because they see her as a challenge and the effort & money spent as an investment. Whether it’s to get a good lay or to actually begin a relationship built on something more substantial.

    So if a guy does not want to do that AND does not pay the girl.. doesn’t that mean that she’s really not worth much in his eyes? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Somehow, I really think that some guys have perfected the art of convincing girls that FUN is all that matters, even if the girl really does want something more. And I think it’s one of the worst realisations a woman can have. That you’re not worth even the slightest effort.

  12. Nah, IMHO, think too much. As long as money is involved, a transaction/trade has taken place and both parties gain from an economics point of view. Simple. And thats just it. Anything meaning, if any, beyond that, you can argue on and on… who give?

  13. tooth fairy: if a guy does not want to do that and does not pay the girl, it’s a fuck buddy relationship. =P of course, if i’m not worth it to the guy, then there will always be someone else. =) you can’t force everyone to eat pork =P

    3P: LoL. so would you pay for sex?

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