Anyone interested?

11 July – 29 July
Drama Centre Theatre

Corrine Mae in Concert
3 August 8pm
NUS University Cultural Centre



  1. i’m interested in corrine mae! I love her music!!!

  2. its corrinne may by the way…

  3. Me for both. I’m trying to get free tickets for ABV3 but don’t know whether I can get it. And I missed Corinne Mae’s concert last year. -__-“

  4. mark: NUS students get 15% off. yeah i relaised the mistake but too lazy to change heh

    Tony: FREE TICKETS? wooo, how come you always have free access to shows? lol ;P yep i missed her concert last year too, so now i’m looking for people to join me for both ABV and CM..

  5. where got always? Haven’t confirmed the tickets yet though >.

  6. corrinne may fans get in free 😉

  7. Tony: lol got la always lor =P

    Mark: HOW COME!! my cousin works at CFA and she was the one who told me about the disc

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