The worst thing about being away on holiday is that even though you’re having fun, you can’t help but think of the ones far away, the ones who aren’t with you, the ones who can’t share the same beautiful sunrise and the wonderful skies.

I tried to find you a gift and when I found the perfect thing that reminded me of you, I wondered what you might think of it and decided to not get you anything. For why do I want to send you signals knowing you’ll ignore them?

Still, it had been a well-deserved and timely break.

Even if you weren’t there with me.


  1. you should’ve been on holiday forever

  2. I know the feeling.

    The diving break was great because it took my mind of things like that.

    Can’t wait to dive again.

  3. mark: is that a good thing or bad?

    sneexe: i know! heh, we’re taking a road trip to kl soon!! =)

  4. welcome back. 🙂
    going off again? do remember to enjoy yourself.

  5. Shin: thanks =) nope i’m not going anywhere, at least not for more than 3 days

  6. that’s for you to know and me to find out. 😉

  7. mark: errrr…okaaay

  8. KL? Coool! When? …how many “we”s are driving? Advance notice pls, will try to coordinate with SJ 🙂

  9. sneexe: maybe this month or next? will let you guys know for sure, maybe 4 of us=)

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