Take the Lead.

I might getting ahead of myself here, but lately I’ve been thinking of mixed-race couples. Mainly, a Caucasian man and Asian woman. I wouldn’t question motives here, but where sex is concerned, who actually is more forthcoming in talking about their wants and needs?

I’d say that sexual urges and sex drives are equal between men and women, but when it comes to two people from differing cultures, does anyone take the lead?

I’m taking on a very conservative and biased, narrow-minded stance here, and I sense I might be treading on dangerous ground. But I’m always curious, if the Caucasian man typically comes from a Western culture that is more liberal and open, hence being more receptive and perceptive to fetishes outside of what would be termed “vanilla sex”, then does that mean that when he gets together with an Asian girl, typically coming from a close-minded society, less open culture where even vanilla sex is a taboo, he takes the lead in the relationship where sex is concerned?

I got to thinking because I have had offers in the email from Asian women asking for threesomes, with their Caucasian boyfriends. Of course, I wouldn’t question that these women might have their needs too, and hey, whatever floats your boat. But the question is, if their boyfriend was Asian, instead of being Caucasian, would they have been so forward, or would they even think of threesomes?

And I often wonder to myself if these women extend the invitation out of their own needs. I’m not saying that Chinese men don’t have such fantasies, but because I often get “my Caucasian bf and I would like you to join us..” type of messages, I’m over-generalizing.

Of course, I would imagine that the Caucasian men often fall into the picture because they would be more liberal when it came to sex, and more vocal in voicing out their opinions, and in getting what they want. This of course, includes sex in all places and all sorts of positions. I would imagine that Chinese men, if it came to their girlfriends or wives, would be less willing to tell their partners what they really want in bed, or to act out their kinkiest fantasies. Especially so if the girlfriends or wives are violent unwilling in the first place.

But since we’re on the topic, (for both Caucasian and Asian men), do these women do it willingly, or because they want to please their boyfriends even though they’re not really comfortable with the whole idea?

Is this post making sense, or am I just blabbering?



  1. No u’re not blabbering. SPGs will try pleasing their Caucasian men even if it means sharing. I harboured the thought before too but nah… Still conservative afterall. Caucasian with chinese women have “yellow fever”. Guess what? They like them young too!

  2. Yeah they like ’em young lol. But its funny how if you compare a 40 year old ang moh and a 40 year old chinese, the 40 year old ang moh will somehow look better for his age. *shrugs*

    I also wonder, if these SPGs do anything to please the men, does that mean they indulge in a 3some even though they don’t like it? And if they don’t like it, then what happens during the sex?

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