The bathroom door swung open without warning. With a grin, he placed his clothes on the countertop and hung his towel next to hers. In between him locking the door and taking off her clothes, she had no time to react. The only way out of this was acquiescence.

And acquiesce she did.

When he came to taking off her panties, he made a show of doing it slowly, his fingers lightly brushing against her skin, both bare and covered. By the time he led her into the shower, they were both panting with anticipation.

With deft, light strokes, he lathered the soap onto her body, his soaped fingers exploring every inch of her bare skin, enjoying the smoothness and softness of it all. He took his time, lingering around her breasts, stopping to give her nipples a light pinch and her breasts a soft squeeze, illiciting soft moans.

And as his fingers journeyed lower, she let out a slight gasp as his fingers found their way to her pussy, already wet with the excitement.

She took it as a cue to start lathering him up, paying special attention to his sensitive areas.

As he guided her hands lower downwards, both of them engaged into a tiny rhythmn only lovers could enjoy and understand, and the tiny, constricted space in the shower was filled with the sound of rushing water and of two people enjoying each other’s touches.

He led her out of the shower and made her bend over the counter, his lips found the skin on her shoulders, worshipping her like his fingers had done before, entering her from behind, just the way they both liked it.

And for that minute or two, the steam that had clouded the mirror before them surrended, and the image of the couple having sharing their unbridled, wanton lust for each other surfaced.

Just before he was about to cum, she took her cue and got on her knees in front of him, wrapping her lips around his cock, glistening with her juices.

Within minutes he came, dripping onto her bare chest.

As she cleaned up the mess she had smeared all over herself, she grinned and winked mischieviously.

“Just the way you like it.”



  1. Woah… another story…
    Since there’s no disclaimer, I guess it really happens to you then? Haha..
    Yea, back in SG for a couple weeks before I fly off to Aust for another 6 months.
    Relationship is in a mess tho, not really sure how to continue.

  2. bang on…..just like you said…only lovers can experience this…

  3. Ben: haha, it really depends on your imagination =P

    H: heh =P

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