Perfect Ego.

Apart from super desperate men looking for a quick fuck, one of my daily occupations include pissing off men who think they’re all that. Not that I take it upon myself to show them the brutal truth, but sometimes it’s just fun to show Snow White’s Stepmother what she REALLY looks like in the magic mirror, so to speak.

Anyway, there are some emails coming from older men others from younger men, and some, the rare occurrances, those who claim they are good looking, are models, have great physiques, etc.

And so it happened, from this guy, 23, who doesn’t look too bad from his attached pictures.

First email:

(lots of compliments blah blah blah – sheer nonsense)

Maybe you’re used to old ugly farts with poor physiques, and forgotten the athleticism and energy of someone just about your age.


My reply:

you’d be surprised to know that the old ugly farts sometimes have pretty decent physiques, can carry great conversation, and really know how to treat a lady well.

if you think you’ve got something better to offer, then i await.

Second email:

you’re cocky. I like that.

(something about fucking his fuck buddy in front of suntec city without her knickers on blah blah blah..)

(something else about mutual masturbation in a cinema – in short, sex in public)

My reply:

after awhile outdoor sex can become boring. which is why older men have something younger guys don’t; a place of their own. that’s when your deepest, darkest fantasies can come alive.

anything better?

Last email:

You know what, I can’t be bothered to impress you.

When you’re sick of the old farts, you might just come looking. But I may or may not be available then.

Ok firstly, not that I wanna be mean, but seriously, don’t put yourself on such high a pedestal if you can’t climb down from it.

If you can’t take rejection, then perhaps “cocky” women aren’t your type after all.

Lastly, when I get sick of the “old farts” and I come looking, it won’t be for you. Unless of course everry other male in the universe is wiped out and you’re the only one left. No wait, by then every other woman will be clamouring for you. I really shouldn’t be fighting with the rest of the crowd should I?

To the bedroom with my dildo then…



  1. ouch!

  2. Why do you even bother to respond?

    Anyway…Whatever happened to the phase where a guy woos a girl….ah….the old world romance….
    its become like dogs now eh…wag your tails…smell each others’ organs…mail your pics to members of the opposite sex..and then….waaaiit-for-it…..FUCK?

    Q0.Are there women who respond to shit like this?
    Q1. iN “Unless of course EVERRY other male in the universe is wiped out and you’re the only one left”…did you spell ‘every’ that way on purpose or is it a mistake?
    Q2.Is there a Thursday(HIS story)?

    (there you go….stopped double commenting….everything i wanted to ask is numbered and in one comment!)

  3. Shin: =)

    H: cause I like to piss someone off just to make my day =)
    To answer your question:
    Q0: yeah people like me =P
    Q1: yeah on purpose, very unbecoming of me, I know.
    Q2: There is a HIS story, look for it in the archives, its probably a couple of days back

  4. That’s something I dun understand about guys.. why the constant need to brag about their “conquest” especially when it’s done outdoors..

    Anyway, doesn’t it make our day to diss these people off :p

  5. Hahaha.. cannot stop laughing at how silly some guys can be.

    Somehow I feel that the person might just be someone damn jealous of old farts getting all the hot young things..

  6. Jess: yeah exactly. I think outdoor sex is only fun when you’re young and experimental. once you get to a certain point in life you no longer do it just for the sake of doing it =P and yes it does make my day, mwahaha.

    Ben: Back in SG eh? ;P anyway yeah i think he might be jealous, but hey, the truth out there is that everyone loves an older man, even if he isn’t as, erm, physically alluring or fit as a 23 year old. at the end of the day it all boils down to how you treat a woman, and i think those who have had some maturity of age, body and mind do it better.

    no offense to those who are younger though, i just prefer older men. ;P

  7. such big ego! funny reading though.. hehe

  8. alex: thanks for visiting =)

  9. yeah, i’m jealous of old farts who arrive at MOS in a SLK AMG, and gets off with two hot, hot, hot models (3 persons fitting into a 2 seater car!) and walk straight in to the VIP room and popping dom perignon..

  10. mark: i wonder who i should be jealous of, the old fart or the models =P

  11. the old fart. money goes deeper than beauty. 😉

  12. lol!

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