One Thousand

Disclaimer: This did not happen to me in its entirety, although its conception was based on a real incident. In short, this is all fiction.

She stepped out of the house and noticed that the vehicle was already waiting for her, exactly as he said it would. She got in, not saying anything to the person in the driver’s seat. Afterall, he should know where they were going.

The car pulled up in front of a private estate with sprawling grounds. He was already waiting for her. As the car which brought her here drove away as silently as it first arrived at her home, they made their introductions and he led her up to where he lived.

He poured her a glass of wine, and they made conversation. He asked her where she lived, what she did for fun, the type of books she read and the music she listens to. He talked about his own likes and dislikes. When the alcohol started to take effect, she found herself kissing him on the lips, gently. Then this tongue started to probe into her own and explored the sweetness of her mouth. His hands started to trail up her thighs and disappeared under the folds of her skirt.

He was gentle and took his time with her, teasing her behind her ears, on her neck, between her breasts. His fingers took on a path of their own, trailing up and down her thighs, her inner thighs, and up in between her legs. Piece by piece their clothes came off, and their kisses with each other became fiercer, more needy. When they finally broke apart from it, he said nothing, but grinned and planted more kisses on her body, from her breasts, down to her stomach, and eventually down in between her legs. When he did, she let out a slight gasp, her body, tense from the contact earlier, began to relax and melted into his arms.

Slowly, his tongue explored parts of her she didn’t know could feel pleasure, and sent her into waves of ecstasy. When the last finally exploded through her, they both laid back onto the couch. He took her hand and led her into the room, your turn, he grinned.

Before the door could even close, she was already on to him, kneeling in front of him between his legs. She started slow, with short strokes, alternating between her tongue and her lips, slowly increasing her speed.

Then he stopped her. He grabbed her by her arms and pushed her onto the bed, with his own weight coming onto her. In that split second his hands were everywhere, squeezing her breasts, and then disappearing between her legs again. She reciprocated by spreading her legs, lifting her hips off the bed, fuck me, she whispered.

But he didn’t respond, and instead continued to tease her with his tongue, biting her lightly on her breasts and on her neck. Her whispers soon turned to screams, and then became helpless begging.

Fuck me.

It seemed to be exactly the way he wanted to hear it.

Two bodies, in a room only lit by the light coming through the windows rocked each other with the kind of pleasure only sheer abandon could bring, the excitement of two strangers fucking each other for the first time.

As she climbed onto him, her bouncing breasts illuminated by the light, she couldn’t help but wonder what drove a man to do what he has offered.

But she didn’t need to know the answer.

When it was over, they both lay on his bed, panting, skin glistening with the excesses of sin and pleasure.

“I’ve got a conference call in 15 mins, so you’ve got to go. The money is on the table.”

One Thousand Dollars, all hers, for two hours’ work.



  1. well done. i love the way the story peaks and hit rock bottom right after that. well done indeed.

  2. Thanks =)

  3. nice.i think it didnt carry as much emotions etc. as “Thursday(Her Story)”.

    (emphasis on “I think” 😉 )

  4. hey…..”lack of emotions”, not “emotions” is the right thing to say about thursday(her story) i guess..

    its kinda true about this one too..for once,i’m not sure what i want to say ! ughhhhh

  5. Great writing. Really great writing.

  6. H: lol, you have a habit of leaving double comments eh? so is Thursday emotive or lack of it? =P

    XPG: thank you =)

  7. oops…i did it again….leaving double comments as you said….about thursday…i dont know…but its one of the best things i’ve ever read….of the right length…written in third person so not a lot of I’s ….you’ve mentioned cigarettes …ithe very mention of it makes me wanna smoke…it(thursday)doesn’t go into the details of copulation ( writing about which,i think,can get a bit too boring…but, again, that depends on who’s writing… )

    there i go again….dont know what i’m trying to capture…i guess what i mean to say is :

    I like Thursday much more than this one…but this is nice in its own way..

  8. What currency, ah? 😉 Just curious.

  9. As we write, we try to make sense of the world around us.

    Your man is well-defined in the story – “Fuck me. It seemed to be exactly the way he wanted to hear it.” Beautiful sentence.
    The lady’s situation is rather more complex. I think there could be much fun trying to explore her deeper. My guess is that you are aiming hard for the ending, which, yes, is a great one.

    Keep writing. I always love stories.

  10. H: heh, alright =)

    TKS: SGD la..=P

    chaosm: hmmm, rather in depth. i suppose i never really saw it that way. well. thanks anyway =)

  11. NIIICCCEEEEE write. Bravo! *Clap clap*

  12. TP: thank you *takes a bow* =)

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