Look what I got in the mail.

Hi,You look smashing with your mysterious pics. Looks sensuous though.

Im late 30s/singaporean/chinese…. regional manager … 172cm 68kg…. travels a lot for work…

Hope to know u and be frens as well as to worship your body if i hv this honour. Im kinky and yet intellecture at the same time.

Hope to receive your reply soon with your contact information.

Best regards,

I think I’m not intellecture enough for you.



  1. ouch.

  2. I dare not introduce myself to u…LOL

  3. maybe his left hand kana spasm then pressed ‘re’ instead of ‘al’

  4. gab: i’m not that scary =)

    mark: haha, riiiight

  5. haha. thank goodness.

  6. Mysterious Pics ?!

  7. sorry…that was meant to be :

    “You look smashing with your mysterious pics”

    As if he saw a pic of you holding a few MYSTERIOUS pics..rofl…

    tell him you aren’t as great without your “mysterious pics” with you

  8. haha, I can imagine myself walking around with a stack of pictures with black backgrounds and a huge white question mark on them =P

  9. Hahahaha.

  10. jolly good.

  11. Ahhh… I like worshipping in the temple of love too. But I ain’t no manager and no traveller. Someone hang a pair of boobs over my table. I’ll pray.

  12. Ecstasy: where have YOU been? ;p

    Dylan: bleahh..

    chaosm: I don’t know if a pair of boobs handing over the table would be such a pretty sight

  13. haha

  14. y: thanks for visiting, left a comment on your blog =)

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