You know it all too well.

The heat that envelops your body. Your eyelids are heavy, aching, and warm, as though you hadn’t slept in days. Your skin is warm to the touch, but inside it means nothing. Chills surge through every single vein inside, sending you into shivers. You start to feel dizzy, the headache sets in.

You try to lie down. When you get up to take your medicine you feel groggy, and you’re almost delirious. Everything around you suddenly takes on a form of surrealism, and you’re not too sure if you’re just dreaming or if you’re really awake.

When you try to swallow, your throat suddenly hurts. The kind of swollen, sharp pain that you always get when you’re having a sore throat.

Then you lie in bed and hide under the duvet for comfort from the cold. But it doesn’t come. The chills don’t subside and you’re almost, almost shivering.

All this, until the paracetamol kicks in and you start to feel sleepy.

I’m sick.



  1. poor thing. take care.

  2. get well soon baby. *hugs*

  3. fun.. get well soon =)

  4. thanks all =)

  5. The weather is making everyone sick these days.. drink more water and rest well!

  6. Dammit! Even when you are sick, you make it sound so sexy.

  7. Ugh … get well sooner (that’s quicker than soon by the way)!

  8. Sometimes I wish someone would give me fever too. Fever every night and day~~~

  9. Drinks lots of fluid to replace the water in your body yea..
    Once you ‘break’ your fever, you should be fine.

  10. Bad weather recently, i’ve been waking up with a nasty throat since monday. Anyways, Get well soon šŸ™‚

  11. Jess, Lisa, lerxt, Ben: thanks guys, am feeling better already =)

    TP: haha, a fever that comes with a throat infection can’t be that sexy =P

    chaosm: uhhh..not the kinda fever I’m having you don’t ;P

  12. Hope you’re well soon, Skye.

  13. I know how that feels. Urgh. Was in your position only 3 weeks ago. Take care. And get well soon.

  14. Too much decadence does that to your health. I’m on the cusp of falling sick too. Remedy: Lots of water, sleep and vitamin C.

  15. Oscar: thanks! =)

    Pat: thanks! and great blog you have =)

    Tony: haha! Decadence. unfortunately there hasn’t been much of that going on for me, so I’d have to look for a different excuse =P You take care!!!

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