I’m sure everyone is split on this. Some women prefer abit of persistance, others find it to be a bother. I never really understood how this could be so; I’m a person who enjoys the chase, and if a man is persistent, then let him be so. It doesn’t really bother me much.

Until I met R. He was someone whom I met at a friend’s birthday party, and at that point I didn’t really think much of him, positive or otherwise, even though he was an interesting person to talk to and we hit it off pretty well that night.

Then he asked to meet up to have coffee awhile later, presumably because he was flying off to the US for work and wouldn’t be returning for awhile, at this point, I had just come out of a relationship, and had no intention of hooking up with anyone else for sex or otherwise, and had made it pretty clear during our conversation at my friend’s party.

Coffee became a walk in the park, and soon I found myself sitting on a park bench talking to him. It was all going fine and I didn’t realise what his motives really were (I’m shallow that way), until he asked if I wanted to move to a more secluded spot. As my suspicion grew, he started to put his hand around my shoulders and asked if he could kiss me.

Hello?!? I barely know you and am not interested in you that way. I made an excuse of having to leave and then, left.

I wasn’t enraged, but just irritated at how a guy could be so, for the lack of a better word, shameless, and surmised that he must’ve been planning it all along to just skip the coffee and go directly to second base.

But did I mention that he didn’t even hit first base?

In any case, a couple of days later, he dropped me a text message, asking if he could meet me again, and hinted also that he really wanted to hook up with me. I replied, ignoring his request for a booty call and wished him a safe trip. To which his reply was;

So is that a green light? (for the booty call)

At this point I was so irritated. How could anyone be as shameless and insensitive as this person?

So I sent the text message which ended all conversation;

No. That is not a green light. In fact, it is a BIG FAT blinking RED light. Not even amber, just RED.



  1. Hahaha….
    I guess he just wants confirmation and doesn’t take hints.
    But he must be real gutsy to do ask that question right after you walked away.

  2. Haha, men. =p

  3. sometimes the men just don’t get it.

  4. He just don’t get it. haha…

  5. Lisa: yeah you don’t say man haha..

    gab: lol =P

  6. arrgh! i feel your pain!!!

    buggers and cheesers. who do these guys think they are? *puke*

  7. I get freaked out when this happens. Like a frightened rabbit. Bleargh. Not cool enough to deal with it smoothly. 😦 *shudders*

  8. tooth fairy: exactly haha..

    sneexe: to be honest that was the first time it happened to me, and i got a little frightened when he asked he could kiss me. i suppose if i had kept my cool i would’ve been able to come back with a witty retort that would leave his mouth gaping while I walked away. haha.

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