He were awokened by the clatter of dishes in the kitchen, followed by the sound of running water. She had gotten up, in the middle of the night to get a drink. Just as she always did after fucking him. She would go to his place after dinner every Thursday night. For dessert, she’d joke.

Tonight, they did it on the sofa, she was straddled on top of him, grinding herself against him, with his head buried in between her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples, his fingers reaching down to tease her. Then he had her lean against the sofa, her firm butt in front of him, and he plunged into her from behind. Her gasps and sighs turned into moans, and before long both were slumped onto the sofa, breathless.

Ready for Round Two, she smiled and teased. Laughing, she took his hand and led him into the bedroom, where she took charge and pushed him onto the bed.

She used her tongue in the most expert means possible, starting with his ears, his neck, to his torso. There, she playfully skipped his crotch and went down his thighs, and then his inner thighs. It drove him crazy all the time, and she knew it.

Soon she was on top of him, grinding him, with him kneading her breasts gently. Leaning down, she curled her legs around him and they switched places, sending waves of ecstasy over each other.

When they were done fucking each other to the brink of exhaustion, she would always tread out to the balcony, naked, cigarettes in hand. She’d sit by the metal grilles of the balcony, hugging her legs to her chest, and puffed away absent-mindedly.

He always stood in the shadows watching her while she puffed away, and never asked what was on her mind.



  1. I always wonder if this is your fantasy or did it really happened to you.
    But nicely written which ever the case.

  2. If a story stirs emotion or reaction of any sort, does it matter then if it was fiction or fact?

  3. Woah… you reply darn fast~!
    Doesn’t matter. Not at all.
    Like i said, just a thought.

    Damn, miss my gf back in Singapore.

  4. haha, i’m efficient that way =P

    at the risk of sounding cliche, at least you have someone to miss. there are dozens out there who don’t have that luxury, fortunately or unfortunately. =)

  5. you can miss someone even though you are right next to them …

  6. Sometimes it gets so bad that thoughts of being single might be better crossed my mind as well.
    Due to the situation I am in, I only get to see her for a month every 4 months.
    But good news is that I am flying back next week only to return a month later, back to the blardie cold Gold Coast.
    Well, luxury or not, depends on many. For me, its both.

  7. lerxt: so true..

    Ben: i’m sure things aren’t that bad, look on the bright side =)

  8. heya babe.its been awhile no? hahaha yeah..been busy lately and all..and life really really sucks now.i wish i can just die off right now and never revive.sleeping seems to be the hardest thing to do.forgetting seems to be impossible.hope to talk to u soon.=)

  9. hey take it easy yeah, i’ll talk to you real soon! =)

  10. that’s because they’re just f— buddies.. nothing more. The prospect of commitment scares them to the core.

  11. mark: talking about me ah? =P

  12. that depends on who the characters in your post are. 😉

  13. is that a trick question. haha

  14. nope, just an answer to your earlier question. 😛

  15. haha =P

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