Is when something feels so wrong, it seems so right.

When one side tells you to go ahead and do it, while the other advises caution.

What would you do?

Close your eyes and take the step off the edge?
Or step back and walk away?



  1. walk away and forever regretting not taking that step? i’d take it. eyes wide open.

  2. hey babe i just tagged you! check my blog

  3. Shin: what if the offer is too good to resist? (and too good to be true) =P

    Wolf: left comment on your post =)

  4. don’t regret things you have done. regret the things you didn’t do.

  5. No regrets. Period.

  6. been there done that many times…
    i take the step…
    its alot better than hitting yourself after realising what you missed out.

  7. *nod* =)

  8. Just do it. And if it totally sucks… pretend that it never happened? :p Total escapism, perhaps…or maybe that’s the only way you get the best of both worlds, and not be left wondering.

  9. haha, yeah =)

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