Here’s something new.

Everyone has had the fantasy of fucking a hot woman. By everyone I mean both men and women. Let’s face it, everyone has had the fantasy of making out with a hot woman.

So you can imagine when you’re in a dream when you’re half conscious, and in the dream there is a woman, petite, slim, firm breasts, long jet black hair, fully naked and she’s leaning towards you. Before you know it, both of you are locked in a firm embrace, kissing wildly, fingers dancing on each others’ skin, lips moving into the right places to send each other into ecstasy.

Soon, your hips are locked in am embrace, legs are tangled around each other, and your bodies are rocking each other into sheer euphoria. Your moans, screams, sighs combine into one, and somewhere, along your semi-consciousness, back into reality, you feel a tingling sensation, a spasm surging throughout your body and culminating in your hips.

And in that second, your dream dissolves and you’re thrusted back into reality.

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