and again.

The weird dreams saga seemed to have died down with me moving home. At least, that was what I thought. Apparently, the busier I am in the day and the more tired I am when I go to bed, I tend to dream the more weird dreams.

This time, there were two.

It was at some cafe and I was with an entire group of friends, waiting for him to appear because I had invited him to. In fact, I had also taken the liberty to reserve and order in advance, a lavish meal for two. The time came, he didn’t appear. My phone beeped and it was a call from him, who flusteredly mentioned that he was on his way, and almost there.

I waited, and he never arrived.

The next was even more interesting.

I was peering out of my window across the block of flats opposite and there were a group of people on the top of the building, messing around with some equipment. Among them I spotted him, and excitedly ran back into the house and into my room to text him on the phone.

The reply was just, strange, although not unfriendly.



  1. more gargoyles?

  2. unfortunately no, sigh.

    i really liked that dream though, although it was a little strange.

    falling in love with a gargoyle..heh =P

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