Keep Breathing

How often do we get our happy endings?

Of course, to even consider a question like that, you first have to ask yourself, what is your happy ending?

And ultimately, how far would you go for your happy ending?

Some people pin their entire happy ending on someone else’s. Someone similar to them, hoping that if that someone can have it all, can achieve her happy ending, there is a hope for you.

Some people try to brush it all away, hoping that, by denying that they are all screwed up inside, that by living a life where you don’t have to involve anyone else in your screwed up life, giving them (and yourself) more pain and emotional drama, that is your happy ending. Of course, we all know that never happens. In order to have your happy ending, you need to first believe that you want to be happy. When you’ve got that all figured out, its often too late, isn’t it?

Some people pursue their happy ending by making the one they truly love happy. Even if that means leaving behind a piece of themselves each time they do so. Even if it means eventually becoming someone else completely.

Others pursue their happy endings the way most people know how. To fight for what they want, tooth and nail, until the very end, where they either win or lose.

At the end of it all, we all work towards our happy endings by doing one thing, to keep breathing for it.

All we can do is keep breathing now.



  1. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing – Garbage. 😉

  2. I get offered “happy endings” whenever I go for a massage.

    I’m a happy man.


  3. mark: haha =P

    mykel: errrr…what happy ending siaaa

  4. “But don’t you remember that you once said that you liked happy endings?
    And no-one can ever know if it’s going to work
    But if you try then you might get your happy ending.”
    – PULP

  5. Schmendrick from The Last Unicorn:

    “There are no happy endings, because nothing ends.”

  6. TKS: true =)

    sneexe: hmm, depending on how you look at it, it is a little too idealistic for me, because everything ends eventually.

    on the other hand, if you have nothing in the first place, then it can never end because there is no beginning either. =P

  7.’s from a whimsical-ridiculous-tragic fairy tale… it HAS to be idealistic (^_^)

  8. ergghh…too idealistic for me..hahaha

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