He makes 11.


A hot, humid night. A couple, strangers yet not quite, chatting in his car to avoid the heat and the crowds on a lazy weekday night. It was almost the end of the week, and everyone was out at East Coast Park to unwind for the weekend.

Parked by the road, at a stretch less visited by cars, they enjoyed the cool blast of the air-conditioning, in the silence only permeated by the tunes playing on the radio in the background, getting over the initial awkwardness with small talk. As the night wore on, the awkwardness wore off. And the first touch came.

The atmosphere in the car had been so tense, so sexually charged that when he reached out to caress her bare shoulders, he released an unspeakable urge between them. Gentle kisses and soft touches soon turned hungry and urgent, and before long the strangers had became acquainted, skin on skin, limbs entwined.

Hands desperately grabbing, kneading, lips teasing, they became oblivious to the possibility that each passing car could slow down and their act of lust was in full view for whoever was interested to see. But they didn’t care, consumed by pure lust, they didn’t care who would want to be spectators in their little act of exhibitionism.

When they both finally broke apart, skin glistening with sweat, their lips stained with the scent of each other, they both fell back into their seats.

“Not too bad for a first time, I’d have to return the favour though.”

“Oh you betcha you do.”

They grinned at each other.

Shortly after he dropped her home, she received a text message from him, wishing her a good night.

To which she replied, “You have a good rest too.”

And she received, “I’m sure I will, and you made it so =).”

Inwardly she sighed, wishing that the same thing was said to her, in another time, another place, by another man, in a totally different context.



  1. you oughta have a career in writing porno flicks.

  2. I hope that was a compliment =P

  3. I’m sure he meant it that way.. =P

  4. ahaha

  5. Think I’m been to that parking lot too!

  6. TKS: oh haven’t we all =P

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