Yet another.

Strange dream again. This time my family had made millions from organising stage events and I was the main organiser of Phantom. Yes, very very strange. I dreamt that it was before the event and there were people who were part of the team working on putting everything together, from props to costumes. I saw myself running around buying food for the team,  having breakfast with them, and having early morning meetings.

I saw myself running to Starbucks to get my caffeine fix, and bumping into someone who was presumably part of the team and who supposedly was interested in me because he was shamelessly flirting with me in my dream. I did manage to get a glimpse of his face though, and he was pretty cute. Damn.

The only reason why him shamelessly flirting with me didn’t work was because I was supposedly taken, by this guy whose face I didn’t manage to see but whose lips I managed to kiss. Even though I didn’t quite manage to take a peek at his face, perhaps it was because of the mystery that surrounds him, but in my dream he felt like someone who had great captivating power, someone of a certain stature perhaps, I wasn’t sure.

Once again, it was one of those dreams which leave you feeling all nice, warm and fuzzy inside.

The most amazing thing about the whole thing was that, I woke up in the middle, went back to sleep, and the dream continued right where it left off.

Interesting, eh?


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