You either love them or hate them. Either way, you’re screwed. How? If you love them, it’s obvious how you’re screwed for life. Drowning in a relationship that’s past, something you cannot get back yet you can’t just recover from. Its worse if you see him/her everyday, because, how do you get over a person you cannot get out of your sight, much less your mind?

The way I see it however, that isn’t just half as bad as an ex you hate who won’t get out of your face.

One of my past relationships ended on a really bad note. Really bad as in, we were together for 6 months, and then one fine day the loser drops a text message telling me he thinks we shouldn’t see each other anymore. If he had the immense courage to break up with me through text messages, I didn’t see the need in asking for a reason why he wanted to not see me anymore anyway. Fine, I said, let’s not see each other anymore.

Life went on fine, for a month or so before he decided he wanted me back. I said no because I didn’t see the point in it, and the sore loser started calling me all sorts of names and started stalking me on a benign scale. He knew where I clubbed and partied and who I went with on which day of the week. When I confronted him about it he called me all sorts of names (again) and told me to be careful when I went home at night. Rrrright.

A couple of months later he accused me for not caring because I didn’t wish him Happy Birthday and I didn’t volunteer to spend it with him. Ok, so I don’t care, what are you going to do?

Eventually, he got a new girlfriend and got over the entire thing between us. Then he broke up with said girlfriend and started to talk to me again sending me messages about how he misses me. Seriously, did he think I was some kind of 16 year old naive schoolgirl? I started ignoring him and eventually he got over it.

The thing about exes though, is that you can never seem to get them out of your life, especially the annoying ones. I spotted him a couple of days back in my school when I was moving out. It was an entirely awkward encounter that involved me asking him what he was doing there and then walking away without saying anything after his answer, which at this point is inconsequential.

After which, he started bugging me again, this time on MSN (I love the way he makes use of technology, really). He asked me if I knew anybody from the student clubs and societies from my school because he wanted to sell them stuff, and when I said I didn’t, he tried to make me buy them from him wholesale so I could sell it to them. What the hell?!? A couple of days later he sent me a link which directed to a job advertising for something I wasn’t interested in. When I told him that he went on and on about how the money was good and how much I could save and I could use the rest to spend.

At that point I started wondering if he was training to be a door-to-door salesman and was trying out his tactics on me.

There are exes and there are exes. Either way, you can’t really get rid of them, can you?



  1. Yikes.

    One word, five letters.


  2. Sounds like you have an ex/axe to grind, girl.

    I’m curious though – How’d someone like that ever manage to persuade you to go out with him in the first place?

    … men. Blah.

  3. I think having to not being able to forget the other person is much more excruciating than the annoyance from the never-say-die exes. you end up wondering if the next person you let in your life is just a substitute for the previous love. sucks man.

  4. In my opinion, girl exes are usually way more creepy…at least guys are easier to fathom out.lol.

  5. tooth fairy: lol

    sneexe: yeah..men! when i first met him he was really nice, until he started showing his true colors..

    AL: you sound bitter..

    Timmy: haha, that’s because you’re a guy!

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