Desperately Seeking.

Numi Flowering Teas:


Or any of the white teas in their flowering tea range. It’s served at this restaurant called Aerin’s at Raffles City, but I’m not too sure if its actually available for sale for home consumption. Nowhere else in Singapore sells this brand, and so my last resort would be to order online. Of course, if there’s an alternative, and if anyone can provide it, a million gratitudes go out to you.

I’m batting my eyelids now and going pretty pleaseeeeeee, of course, the famous “smile & squeeze” is always available by request. 😉



  1. tea freak huh 🙂

    the more i read of your blog, the more i like.

    is it really ozmanthus in there, or is it just the name?

    sounds fabulous.. and fabulously pricey…

  2. it really that good? i might just try it out for myself! Well, I’lll be coming back from the states in about a week and i’ll be glad to get you some. But you might just wanna try this tea shop at Millennium walk, they blend their own teas and they might just have what you want. One of my favs from them is the vanila earl grey blend they have.


  3. sneexe: yep its really osmanthus in there, their teas are special in that it is a bouquet instead of tea leaves, so the tea leaves and flowers are actually tied in a bouquet and you steep the whole thing in hot water =)

    Timmy: oh you will? thanks! I tried alot of shop and they don’t have it, haven’t seen the Millennia Walk one yet, but I have my doubts =)

  4. How would you actually know that nowhere else in Singapore sells this brand?

  5. Tony: scouting for the past 6 months.

  6. Nodnods… have seen the “unfurling bouquets” in tea shops in China, and sometimes here too… but never saw one with ozmanthus.

    Hmm. Perhaps because I couldn’t read the chinese script. (!)

  7. ahh..haha..i like this brand in particular though..its fragrant and refreshing =)

    Tony: I retract that, I have been scouting alot of the major tea shops and can’t seem to find them, which basically includes everything in town =)

  8. why not try Chinatown? They have a lot of these blooming flower tea, but mostly are jasmine-based.

  9. Jess: nope don’t think they have..heh, thanks anyway =)

  10. So the “6 months” was a hyperbole? Hahaha. I’ll try asking my friend who works in a teahouse. Maybe she’ll know something about it.

  11. Thanks =)

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