Before I forget though, I just want to say…

I’m in Love.






With the homicidal bear up there.




  1. Hello there…Been reading your blog, and I find it rather interesting and varied. Your analogy on certain aspects of life/routined stuffs/etc..is unique..!! Continue blogging. If only most blogs are like this, then WWW wouldnt be wasting soo much bandwidth. Oh and anyway, we re frm the same school, i d guess..ahaha. Have fun. The fun just began…

  2. POIUY: urm, thanks =)

  3. I agree. A sick, twisted interesting blog. Haha

  4. Lucky you.

    Lucky bear.


    “The world needs young lovers…”

  5. This reading is my own to be.

  6. Ecstasy: thanks ah..=P

    sneexe: lol =P

    voxy: *raise eyebrows* and thanks for visiting =)

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