Words cannot ever fully express my love-hate relationship with Coincidences. They create a form of reality that almost never exists and gives people false hope.

Of course, people love coincidences, throughout history, people indulge in superstition very simply because it gives them hope of some kind. Why can’t we pat the shoulders of a person who is gambling? Because you take away his luck. When a person is on a losing streak, what do we usually tell them to do? Change their underwear/go pee.

For the same reason, I hate coincidences because they make me believe something that isn’t really there, and when it really never happens, I start to fall into this abyss of self-loathing.

Quite hateful, I’d say.

So today, when I stumbled upon something that led me to this revelation, I told myself, it’s just a coincidence.

Get over it.

In other news, my exams are over and I’m back. Nothing much to update because the brain is still fried, but I suppose this much will do for now.  Alas, exams over = moving out of hostel = moving back into home with the parents.

3 months of restricted freedom = no debauchery.

What am I to do.



  1. Life is therefore meaningless for it is always a struggle to express, to create, to reach a pinnacle but if you have reached it, death becomes you.

    And there is always the 1hr motel too.

  2. Hahahaha!!! That’s a good one.

  3. restricted freedom? isnt that a bit contradicting? lol:)

  4. not if you see the inherent irony.

  5. ..enjoy the home food and laundry services 😉

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