Conversations with the buddy.

There is a certain joy about having afternoon conversations with your best guy friend. Sitting side by side on the swing at the garden in his house and drinking ice cold fresh margaritas, there’s really nothing like some good old bonding. Until he starts lamenting how he hasn’t gotten any. Conversation as follows:

Best Guy Friend (BGF): When was the last time you had any?

Me: Probably in the past couple of days, why?

BGF: Am I the only one here who hasn’t been getting any since school started?!? I’m gonna die a virgin!

Me: Yeah, you might want to use a loud hailer, I think your mom cooking at the back didn’t quite hear you the first time round. And fuck la, you’re not a virgin, you won’t die a virgin. You’d just die a horny desperate man with a shriveled penis because you haven’t used it in sucha long time.

BGF: Dude, if I go another one more month without any action, I’ll die of internal combustion.

Me: *starts to imagine BGF exploding and cum flying all over the place and laughs hysterically*

BGF:*obviously ignoring me* If that happens, if I don’t get sex for the next one month, would you do it with me?

Me: Dude!! I’ve known you since we were kids!! Since your pee-wee was barely an inch long!!! How the hell am I supposed to have sex with you?!?

BGF: But, my pee-wee isn’t an inch long now, maybe about 7 times longer? *nudge and winks*

Me: I could so punch you in the face right now.

BGF: *big wide grin spreading across his face* Doncha just love me?

In case anyone was wondering, BGF wasn’t really serious. At least, I think he isn’t. And in case anyone is wondering, we’re close, and too close for the fact that we could really see ourselves make out with each other and end up having sex. Well, almost. But that’s another story for another time.

In other news, this blog would be stagnant for the next couple of days while I prepare for absolute freedom for the next 3 months. Yes, my exams are coming to an end and my mugging days would soon be over. Until then, I’d have to remain in absolute confinement.

I’m just kidding. I won’t be updating, but I’d still be around to respond to comments and emails! 🙂



  1. It’s my experience that men are never really joking when they suggest sex…And ask yourself this, what would have happened if you had said yes?

  2. Oscar: I don’t know, I’ve known him for years, and I suppose it’d be really weird if we did end up in bed together, it would probably be one of those things where we end up bursting in laughter.

    Although I suppose if he was really desperate, it would have been a possibility.

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