It’s something almost of a second nature to most people. An innate ability, if you will. From the time we learnt to walk, our curiousity teaches us to run, run as fast as we can to explore the world in front of us before the parents catches up with us and brings us back to where we’re safe.

As we grow older we learn that running has its own benefits, courtesy of physical education of course. Running then evolved into a bane for some who could never seem to catch up with the rest. It becomes a sport of sort, where the fastest, the first to break away from the pack is king. Eventually some people take up running as a hobby, as nothing more than a way to spend weekend mornings, and a way of relaxation.  Some people like to run in pairs, others in groups. Some like to run alone.

But no matter, eventually we all realise that the faster you run, the freer you feel. It is the wind in your face, through your hair, that once you pick up the pace and lose all control of your limbs, and your body succumbs to the adrenaline coursing through every single vein in your body.

It is at that moment I know I had to run away from you. To feel the wind in my hair again, to lose control to sheer adrenaline, to forget who I am.

I’d run as fast as I can, as long as I can run away from you.



  1. Ahhh now you make me miss Track. I remember everytime I was upset, I’d just hit the track and feel so much better afterwards.

    For me, there’s just something about finishing your laps, having the sweat coursing down your body, and feeling like you’ve run all that’s upsetting you, out of your system.

    But metaphorically speaking, sometimes I think I run more than I walk. Heh.

  2. Haha, I think alot of us run more than we walk, doncha think?

    But yeah I know what you mean when you talk about finishing your laps. For me its really about just running and running til I’m tired, until I cannot feel my legs, the sweat dripping from my face & forehead and I’m panting away…now that sounds alot like sex. Haha.

    Except that I think running gives more satisfaction than sex though. Although I can already see alot of people disagreeing with me.

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