It was exam season and I was walking about, looking for a place to study. I stopped outside my favourite-because-its-the-most-affordable chinese restaurant and realised with amusement that they had renovated the interior. It was now more hip, possibly to attract the younger crowd and to keep up with their competition.

I walked in, and to my surprise there was no one who would serve me and bring me to my seat, so I walked further into the restaurant and scanned the crowd, everyone was roughly my age, no familiar faces. I sighed and pointed to a table for two with cushioned seats by the window and asked the waiter who had suddenly appeared and stood by me, “Can I sit there?”

I settled into my seat fairly quickly, and while staring at the menu I looked out the glass panels. It was dark. Really dark. The restaurant overlooked this part of the building, which apparently, had built this gargoyle-like creature on a platform jutting out of the building. Then it started to drizzle. But in the rain I could make out the appearance of this gargoyle. It was set in dark stone, in the image of a man. A man with short hair. Every other second the gargoyle would move and sway, seemingly to the wind coming from the rain but I gathered that he was probably mechanized in some way. A mechanized gargoyle.

The gargoyle was bent over his squatting knees, hands out by his sides. When he moved, his hands would sway, and his head could turn, and every now and then his head would be able to move upwards, and I was able to see his face. But I could see nothing more than two huge round blue eyes. He was a gargoyle, but his eyes were filled with emotion. Real, human emotion.

That was when I sensed a familiarity with it, almost like in another place, in another time, we had met. We had known each other. I just didn’t know where. I knew I had seen him before, possibly as a gargoyle, possibly not.

This had all happened in my dream. When I woke and thought of what I dreamt, the mental image of one person popped into my head.

And now the gargoyle in my dreams won’t go away.



  1. The rain falls on the building top, flows down the gutter, and out through the mouth of the gargoyle. Gargle, gargle, gargle. You look at the gargoyle. The gargoyle looks back at you. You realise, you may have been looking at yourself too.
    The textbooks. The notes. The words. The ideas. You sit in the exam hall. You open your mouth, and the rain water just keeps on flowing out. You have been blessed. It’s going to be an ‘A’. 🙂

  2. chaosm: Haha! I certainly hope so then! =)

  3. Since we are still on the subject of gargoyles, I have to admit that I have a fascination with them ever since I was young. So, it’s a beautiful picture of a gargoyle there. Reminds me of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s album…

  4. I like gargoyles too, they have this sort of sadness over them, and they are probably the world’s most misunderstood creatures =)

    But I don’t know why I even dreamt of one though

  5. Some repressed nature in you perhaps, like one of those living gargoyles that are locked in stone? Hmmmm…

  6. Repressed? Oh yeaaah…but I don’t think the gargoyles are repressed the same way I am..*grin*

  7. wow. where do you FIND these lovely photos?

  8. sneexe: some are from deviantart, and some are from stock exchange =)

  9. You know something? I don’t even recall typing that entry 6am in the morning. Dang. Ok I think I know what you are grinning about. Some overdrive thing perhaps…Haha

  10. Ah, you don’t recall? Must be the evil twin. Lol!

  11. […] a separate note, I find myself thinking about the Gargoyle dream […]

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