When I was a kid, I used to be really naive and gullible. I believed everything people told me and I  believed in the inherent good of people. 10 years later and after several heartbreak and disappointment, together with the kind of education I’d rather call enlightenment, I learned to take things people say with a pinch of salt.

Obviously, this applies to the blogging world too.

It never fails to amaze me how people could look at something certain people blog about and take it as being real.

Of course, there are those who write the real stuff, they blog about how their day has been, they blog about their real feelings, that’s fine, really. But with so many sex blogs around right now, who can really believe what’s real and what’s not?

Anyone can start a blog, and hide behind a persona and talk about sex. Anyone can sit in front of a laptop and say things like how she went bralass in school or she walked around the neighbourhood with only a t-shirt and nothing else. Anything can say that she gave a blowjob to some random guy on some random public transport. Anyone can post pictures on a blog. I mean, if she is ugly as hell there is always photoshop, and if the picture doesn’t show many facial features, who knows, really?

So why do we buy into these stories, do we really think they are real? If we do think they are real, what does that make us?

If we think these stories are purely fiction, and read them purely for entertainment’s sake, then are we giving these bloggers a sort of false consciousness? That we give them the idea that people read their stories because they think it is real, because they want to make us think that it is real?

On a deeper level, what does it say of these bloggers? If she is a girl who is just blogging to explore her fantasies? Or if he is a man trying to live out some fantasy of being a girl?

Why do we believe wholeheartedly what we read? Does it make the content easily digestible, compared to something which we know may/may not be fiction? Or does making ourselves believe that what we read is real, make us feel that it is ok to be deviant?

What does it say about ourselves, then?



  1. Never really thought about that type of thing in the blogging world before to be honest. It just means the people who do it are probably quite sad. I mean, we all get something out of blogging. Maybe it’s just a place to offload thoughts or emotions, or just a way of making the most out of life by going over our actions again to revise events, but if what you say above is how some people get their kicks then I guess thats just their way. I personally have three blogs; my latest for random crap, another I used to write for personal deep thoughts, and one that is more a site about a passion of mine and is doing very well.

    However, what does the above say about ourselves? Well, we’ll do what we want as long as we know we can get away with it for at least a day or two. We’ll try to reach our dreams, no matter how farfetched they may seem, and clutch on to any half chance of believing they are real. We’ll stoop to a new level to achieve a goal, an addiction, a sense of comfort, popularity, whatever… We’ll be selfish, we’ll be easily amused, we’ll be whatever we want to be ‘cos we’re human and we’re the master race.

    Now, is that wrong? Quite possibly. Who is to judge what is wrong or right in this world though? Aren’t we all just confused monstrosities trying to reach a dream, no matter how real it may seem? I mean, if you could lie to reach your dream, would you do it? ‘Cos I can honestly say I wouldn’t trust myself to say the truth, not if that power was right in front of me. I’ve seen what affect it can have on people and no matter how much we’ll try to tell ourselves otherwise; we’re all human, we’re all part of people, we’ll all be selfish, we’ll all make errors, and hopefully we’ll all pay the price ‘cos we’ll never learn from our mistakes unless we recognize them ourselves and do something about it.

    Er, sorry, what was the question again? I may have got a bit sidetracked there… Oh yea, shame on ourselves! 😀

  2. Am I (for) real?

  3. Red: nothing wrong in writing fiction in your blog. i know alot of blogs which consist of tales that are told by combining fiction & non-fiction. but what i’m saying here is that, if its fiction, then i think readers should know better.

    mykel: oh yeah you’re as real as my plastic nose. =P

    are you for real? only you know the answer =)

  4. Ha! This is one post that I saw it coming somehow! Being self-reflexive here eh? I’m sure you have heard of Baudrillard and his 3rd order of simulacra though =P.

    Reality is dreaming, oh so very true. Come to think of it, you won’t even know the answer if it is staring at you right in the face.

    (the wonders of a Singaporean education!)

  5. …you remind me of the whole furore over Belle du jour when her blog first got popular.

    Perhaps how “Real” it is depends on the purpose of the blog. To intentionally mislead, or merely as a creative outlet? Somewhere along the spectrum between the two?

    ps: I looked up the title of the song for you, it’s “Pedestal”. Lol.

  6. Tony the Guerilla: Oh dear you saw this coming? I’m becoming predictable..*sigh* =P Anyway, not exactly self-reflexive, just voicing off some of my thoughts. Been wanting to do so for awhile but you know, sometimes its hard to do so without having to name names. (That, and I was too lazy to write a good one, edit, etc)

    “Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy”. Heh, that opens up another can of worms altogether =P

    Oh, another wonder of a Singaporean education is that you just believe whatever is given to you. Haha.

    sneexe: i think when you say intentionally mislead, it depends on what the intention is. a guy blogging about his life and pretending that it is all real so that his readers will believe it themselves? or a person blogging about something totally unreal and he knows that, and he wants his readers to believe it is real, for a literary effect of some kind?

    i suppose its a kind of moralistic dilemma for the blogsphere. *shrugs*

    oh, thanks for the heads up on the song! =)

  7. hmm.. from the moment I read that blog, I have issues with it. But what is obvious to us may not be to others.

    Everything is the truth and the whole world is a lie. There is no truth or lies, there’s just varying shades of life.

  8. why do i get the feeling this post has been late coming? lolx.

    i agree with sneexe. it all depends of the blogger’s intention. to purposely let others think his tales are real, or to write fiction for entertaining, or in your words, to satisfy a fantasy long harboured. lolx..

    “So why do we buy into these stories, do we really think they are real? If we do think they are real, what does that make us?”

    that makes us vouyeurs. =) after all. why read blogs? they may or may not be well written. but it satisfies the hidden voyeurs in everyone, to know about someone else’s life. be it their daily activities, or their experiences that you wished you had. 😉

  9. jess: ah hah! =P so you know which blog i’m talking about! well i wouldn’t say that the whole world is a lie, building upon what you say that some things may be more apparent to us than to other people, perhaps it is about what our concept of truth and fact is? i once sat in a philo class for THREE hours discussing the distinction between truth and fact, well, let’s just say that nothing much came out of it, apart from the fact that we do have varying distinctions between truth & fact. =)

    MOS: I ain’t no blogging machine, takes time to churn out a post =P besides, i have exams!!!

    anyways, i think if we want to look at it from the perspective of the blogger itself, perhaps blogging is for him/her to fulfill their own fantasies, to go through the experiences that they wish they had.

    bearing in mind that we are talking about blogs which set themselves up to make people think its real when its not =)

  10. can’t help grinning at this post. wahahahah

  11. you gotta love the amount of discussion generated tho 😉

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