I hate People.

I hate people, being that little bit anti-social (I don’t know why, I just am), I hate being around people. As I grew older, this firm dislike, is heightened by the fact that;

1) I hate people who make judgements about my character and the kind of person I am too quickly.

I mean, seriously. How long have you known me, and do you really posses such perceptive skills that you can tell what kind of person I am just by spending 1 month with me? Friends who have known me for over a decade don’t even strive to do that. Do you know my family background, the details of my childhood, which schools I went to, the kind of troubles I got into as a kid, how many people there are in my entire (extended) family?

Ok, perhaps that is stretching it a little. I digress.

But I hate it when you barely know me, nor the intricacies of my life (as a classmate once put it), and start to make assumptions and judgements of my character. Note that this is entirely different from making judgements about how I dress and how I behave in public. Or how I look. If you look at me on the streets and go “Ughh, what fat thighs she has!! Her shoulders make her look like a man from behind with long hair!!” That’s fine. But don’t think that I am realistic/weak/materialistic/idealistic/etc when you barely know me.

If, by any chance, you can’t help but do that, please ensure that this does not occur in front of me, and if it does, don’t be so confident in your judgement. If there’s anything that just pisses me off, its people who are quick to jump to conclusions and are so damn sure that they are right.

2) I hate people who think they are morally superior than I am.

Sure, I may do things that you don’t approve of, or that really makes you feel uncomfortable. But that’s because we have different moral standards. NOT because your moral standards are higher than mine.

Unless you’re God/Jesus/The Pope, your moral standards aren’t higher than mine.

And really, there is no such thing as a “lack of morals”. We all have morals, and we all have differing moral standards. Just ask Nietzsche.



  1. Agreed. Presumptuousness irks me to the core. I’d like to think there’s a deeper side to me, that not just any random stranger can possibly hope to delve into. Not especially in just a month or so. Some of my friends who’ve known me the longest won’t even presume that. Eurgh…

  2. Exactly. Its worse when these people actually try to give you advice based on what they think you are like, in the way that goes, “You are blahblahblahblahblah..so you should blahblahblahblahblah..”

    And I absolutely hate it when they think they have gone through worse things in life than I have and try to take a moral high ground just because I was more “privileged” than they have been. I mean, there are some things about our past that people won’t know, not unless we tell them.

    And its not like we would anyway.

  3. I share your hatred towards people. However, I find their contradicting ways the biggest irritation. For example, I can take people calling me weak etc even though they don’t know me, but when I do something else and they give me credit for being strong, thats when it pisses me off because they’ve judged me twice!

    Anyway, sometimes there are people that I just click with suddenly and know they get me from a look or just a sign that tells me they understand and I’d actually respect their opinion more than my friends/family. ‘Cos, no matter how much you may think you do, I believe no person really understands another’s ways or thought patterns, but as long as they both find a situation where they can understand what the other person understands about them, then they can make a comment on your life without pissing you off.

    Some strangers can understand me better than my friends or family, but it’s hard to know which advice is best to take, if any. I hate people that are like “Here, take my advice, ‘cos it isn’t as if I need it” but I can love any person that is just trying to help me out. But yea, in general we’re all selfish and most people suck.

    Hope that made a bit of sense lol. I like your SongSpot song btw.

  4. Betcha love this from Fergie

    “Tell me who you are and what your background is
    Tell me how you’re feeling when you listen to this….

    Who are you,
    and what do you do
    that makes you think you’re above me
    but have you walked in my shoes
    The pedestal
    you put yourself on,
    well since I’m breaking it down now
    it’s gonna collapse and be gone!”

    I do.


  5. Thanks! The SongSpot was a pretty random thing =)

    Dealing with people is often complicated isn’t it? Some people we know we cannot get along with right away, and some we can, even though both people may offer the same kind of advice/opinion, but articulated in different ways.

    Oh well.

  6. i totally agree with ur 2nd hate,if i can put it that way(2nd hate). but abt the 1st hate – i doubt any HUMAN is sober enough to realise that they are doing that. we are all human after all:)

  7. sneexe: somehow you comment landed in the “spam” section and I never noticed until just. anyways, I don’t really listen to Fergie for some reason, but the lyrics are good!! What song is that from?

  8. I don’t really either– picked up a copy of The Duchess for something to dance to. They’re not really remarkable in text, but the rhythm with which they’re articulated is really, really catchy. It’s Stuck in my Head.

    London Bridge, maybe? I’ll have to go back and check.

  9. sneexe: Haha, I don’t expect Fergie to be remarkable in text =P

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