I cannot put up with so many ex-es (Flings, FBs, FwBs, ONS) all of a sudden.

A week ago it was Mr ONS, this week it is Mr Sticky. Remember Mr Sticky? Sticky not because of anything else but for the fact that he was really..sticky.

Like how he’d want to meet up every other day. I suspected it was because he was lonely but when he wanted to fuck everytime we met, it was too much.

Oh, did I also ever mention how annoying it was when a person sends you an IM/MSN message? You’d either obviously busy or you don’t feel like talking to them. So you ignore them.

And what do they do?

They just keep sending you messages, asking if you’re there, sending you nudges. For over an hour!! Get the hint already!!

And when you ask me the first time if I want to meet up now, and all I can come up with is a “No,” please take the hint.

Please go away.



  1. some of them juz don get the hint..y don u get rid of them once n for all? get some fresh blood?

  2. sure I’d love to get rid of them, but just because I delete them off my MSN and delete their numbers from my mobile, it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to contact me.

    and I don’t believe in blocking people who aren’t sanity-threatening, because sometimes, it helps not to burn bridges =)

  3. erm..sorry but my english language is not as strong as yours..wat do u mean by burn the bridge? cutting the connections? if that is the case i was thinking there is no point having this useless connection if it only bring u more irritation then anything useful. well that is only my opinion:)

  4. yeah well on the other hand, you can cut connections with them, but they might not.

    and there are people out there who just don’t get it.

  5. haiz..i really pity ur situation..i tot i was pertering but i guess there are someone out there who is more pestering then i m:P good luck in getting rid of them:)

  6. hmm… fan?

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