I must be cursed or something.

Exams are just about the only time I totally wear myself out and only go to sleep when I’m reaaalllyy tired. Which usually happens in the wee hours of the morning. The moment my head hits the pillow, I immediately fall asleep and not even my alarm clock can wake me up.

Given such a situation, who would expect to have dreams right?


I dreamt again, of him. This time in a different manner. Nevertheless, of all different ways I had to find out that he was already attached and had a girlfriend, and it was written on a blog, in the most cryptic manner possible.

Which was just weird if you ask me.

The funniest thing is that I remember reacting very strongly to it, “OMG!! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!! WHO!! WHERE!!!”


On a more serious note though, all these dreams are wearing me out more than my real life itself, even pills which promise of deep deep sleep don’t seem to do the trick. Which is quite disturbing because it hasn’t exactly happened before. So if any witch doctor wannabe out there has a really useful potion I could use, drop me a line. Pleeeeeaseeee.



  1. don have to use pills..juz slp naturally:)

  2. like I already said, when I do sleep, I have dreams. Which I DO NOT want.

    So obviously sleeping naturally is not an issue here.

  3. oh..maybe too much studying..too stress up..thus the dreams..or shld i say nightmare..lol

  4. I have been having sleeping problems for awhile.

  5. have u tried pistol whipping?

  6. might be a good change, although you need to guarantee I am knocked out for a full 8 hours, you know, like how I need 8 hours of sleep everyday. Too little and I’m cranky, too much and I’m cranky. =P

  7. well
    pistol whipping plus elephant tranquilisers might do the job..

    why does ken type that way?
    is there a budget on the number of letters that he’s allowed to type?


    I don’t know, maybe the letters on his keyboard are spaced waaaaaaaaay too far away, so it takes alot of effort to get from one letter to another =P

  9. 3 shots of whisky on the rocks usually does it for me.

    But anyway, I totally agree with you how dreams just wear you out. Often times, when I dream abt something/someone really vividly, I wake up really tired the morning after. So annoying.

  10. I think 3 shots of Whisky would only serve to keep me more awake, lol.

    The worst thing with me is that, I am a very light sleeper, so even if I can fall asleep, eventually, the slightest things will wake me up.

  11. seriously..
    we should try my.. suggestion

  12. lol

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