You, Me and Jack.

S and I had been friends for years. A decade or so, to be exact. We were from the same secondary school, he was 4 years my senior, and I had gotten to know him through a chance coincidence. It was our love for the same music that somehow got us talking.

Even though he had graduated from school already, it didn’t stop us from becoming friends. I think it had something to do with the fact that I was some little girl in their eyes, so easy to bully, so gullible. I remember what he told me that started the friendship, “J and I were staring at you in school one day, and we both agreed that you look pretty sweet in a skirt.” Trying to hide my obvious embarrassment at not knowing how to react to such a statement, I just rolled my eyes and tried to avert the attention.

When I graduated from secondary school myself, we found a new place to hangout. He lived near me, so we would often hang out at the void deck of my block of flats, nursing a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. It was his favourite drink then, it still is now. It was the days hanging out with Jack that I really learnt the most. He was going through a rough time with his then-girlfriend, and I was more than willing to be the listening ear.

After I came to University, we stopped hanging out, I was simply too far away.

Tonight was one of those nights that I remembered our evenings with Jack, and missed them. Because it was one of our conversations that reminded me, that made me realise that I had missed out the single most important thing that could very well be the answer to universal suffering (I’m exaggerating).

At one point in your life, you learn to stop asking questions.

When you do stop asking questions that you don’t want to know the answer to, you know you’d got it all right down pat.



  1. I considered as to whether I should complicate your life. But I figured, oh well. =)

  2. hurhur..=P

  3. …did you like him?

  4. well said. very true indeed. =\

    it’s funny how life changes as u grow older… =\

  5. sneexe: yes I like him, of course I do, but only as a friend. he’s a wonderful friend to have and I thank god for crossing paths with him =)

    spinnee: not that there is anything bad about change though, as long as we all learn something from it, and grow up to become wiser. losers don’t belong in this category though =P

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