Consuming for the sake of consuming

After going around and telling the whole world that I have *counts books on shelf* 6 books, dated as far as June last year, not yet read (and some in their shrink wrap). This means that even I have been happily bringing books out of stores, all the books that I’ve bought since June last year have not been read. That amounts to 2 in 2006, and 4 this year (and it’s only April!).

I was at Plaza Sing and guess what? I happily made off with 5 more books. But only because they were going at $3 (*scream) each. $3!!!! For a book!!! This not only extends to those obscure fiction books but non-fiction as well!! Can you imagine a book on America’s War on Iraq that would normally cost more than $20 going for a mere $3???

*nods* I knew you’d understand.

I is a happy girl *beams*

Speaking of reading, I have developed this very baaad habit of reading two to three books simultaneously. I’m sure some of you have the same habit. I attribute this to the fact that every time I feel like reading I have a different book nearby.

Maybe I should stock up on bookmarks too.



  1. exact same situation here, too many books to buy and too little time to read. But when the books are on sale, who are we to say no to them :p

    I’m always reading at least 3 books at the same time, one for the bus trip, one for bedtime reading and one for telly reading..

  2. I have which I bring home on weekends to read on the bus, train etc.

    Two which I leave in my friend’s room when I hang out there and I’ve got nothing to do.

    Haha, and many other unread ones which I just randomly grab and read when I feel like a change of pace from studying.

    And a couple which I got inspired after the essential readings from my classes and go out to buy more to read.

    And yes, with so many book sales ($3 a book can you imagine! New York Times Bestseller somemore), Borders giving discounts and 3 for 2 deals, Kino which has their member’s discount and on rare ocassions, the cutout coupons, how can one possibly say no?

    Which I suppose, is the reason why you see more and more people staking out bookstores nowadays, I remember a couple of years back when Kino was still relatively empty. Now it’s crowded even on weekdays!

    Oh, that and the prospect of bumping into some intellectual, erm, company =)

  3. Gosh, you have got to leave a book by the toiletbowl! It took me more than a year, but I’ve almost finished 5000 years worth of historical fact when I poo. Woohoo!
    Anyway, better read while your eyes are good. It kinda hurt when I read at night nowadays. 15 mins and the eyes go blurry. Sigh.

  4. Haha, I don’t have the habit of leaving a book by the toilet bowl, just imagine all the germs!!! Actually I’m more afraid of someone accidentally knocking it over.

    At last count I have 10 unread books, and 3 months worth of holidays to read them. =P

  5. darn it, I want 3 months of holidays to catch up with books too.. then it’s off to the library again for more..

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