Toilet Tales

I have this quirky habit, and I’m quite sure most people do. Whenever I’m in a public restroom’s cubicle, doing whatever it is I need to do, I have a tendency to listen to whatever people are doing/saying outside of my cubicle.

Which, you can imagine, leads to alot of observations and bathroom conversations among other women. Being a woman myself however, the conversations that can take place in a public washroom are pretty standard, so I shan’t bother. They range from the price of some article of clothing/accessory from whatever clothing store, the grades of their children, the salaries of their husband, the quirky habits of other people they meet, their bosses, etc.

It is what takes place in the cubicle on your left and right that is often the most interesting.

Like how a mother would bring her daughter/son into a public restroom and two of them would squeeze into a cubicle because the child is too young to use it on her own, and you’d hear how the mother would encourage her child to pee/poo.

There’s also the strange habits of some women. Often in the cubicle next to me, some woman would click into the cubicle on her heels, and you’d hear the door close. Then, you’d hear some shuffling of clothing, presumably she’s removing her pants/panties in order to pee/poo/change her pad/pantyliner. Whatever. Then, when she’s done, you’d hear another round of fabric shuffling; she’s pulling her pants/panties back up, accompanied by a loud “PIAAAK!” – the sound of a rubber waistband snapping against flesh.

Why do some people, when wearing their pants/panties/article of clothing with a rubber waistband, have to do something like that when they pull them back up?

How many times I’ve heard this in a public restroom I lost count. It seems that by rounding up your business in the cubicle with a “PIAAAK” you’re trying to tell the world “I’m done with my business and I’m coming out of the toilet!”

I know what you’re thinking, that this only applies to the middle aged women. You’re WRONG. This happens in the communal washrooms in my hostel too, and the only middle aged women around here are the cleaning ladies, and very often the ones who emerge from the washroom after the “PIAAAK” aren’t the cleaning ladies.


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