The Caffeinatrix.


The glare of your laptop’s screen. Jon McLaughlin blasting through the speakers, the sunlight streaming in through the gaps of your window blinds. The table side lamp, like a spotlight on your pile of unread notes, as if telling you, “read them! read them!!”

And you, sitting in front of the laptop. With your favourite pillow on your lap. The music fading into the background, becoming ambient noise. You’re sitting there, biting on a thumbnail, waiting.

You’re waiting for the caffeine effect to kick in, you tell yourself.

When in actual fact, you’re just zoning out in front of the computer, with 1% of your willpower telling you get cracking on your revision.

That, children, is not how you should spend a Thursday afternoon, one week before your exams.

Study lah, damnit.



  1. Mine’s on Monday & I have just submitted my last paper. So you are in good company…

  2. Aristocrat: you know what they say about misery..I mean…exams..=P

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