You gotta be kidding.

This has gotta be one of my most overused phrases. Not because I like using it so much, but because I think life just has a warped sense of humour, and I think it happens to alot of people. Just when you think everything is fine and dandy, or when you’ve got over something, it just comes right back into your life.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but awhile ago I had a supposed one night stand with this guy. I wouldn’t say it was memorable, but it wasn’t forgettable either. And apparently at that point he thought I was amazing. When we parted ways he hinted that he would like to hook up again.

Obviously, for a while that didn’t happen. I harped on it (like every other girl) for a couple of days, and then decided to just let it go. I mean, why bother, right? So I deleted his contacts on my handphone and my MSN, convinced that he was just what he was, a one night stand.

That was last December.

Four months later, guess who popped up on my MSN?

Apparently, he still remembered who I was, and wanted to hook up. Unfortunately I wasn’t available then. Well, I could always say it was a case of “you had your chance and now it’s gone”. But really, its just sex, isn’t it? So who’s to say that if he ever pops up again, I won’t say yes?



  1. 4 months later? What a selective memory…LOL

  2. like u said it, it’s just sex.
    will u say “yes” then?

  3. 如果有一天: yeah i’d say the same myself..

    gab: *shrugs* maybe not *laugh* he was quite a jerk about it

  4. You know what really irks me about things like that though?

    It’s the fact that sometimes while I may know it’s really only a one-night-stand with no-strings attached, or that it’s just about sex, I still end up harping about it all the same and being hung-up to a certain degree.

    And if he comes back and I say “yes”, I’d hate myself for being so easy later. If I say “no”, I might possibly regret it as well.

    For a woman, I think I really live up to the stereotype of being fickle. Haha.

  5. lazy to type in all the above data save for the required fields coz im using the office com..

    why is it that when i first read gab’s comments, i thought he was asking if you would say yes to him? only after i read your reply that it occured to me gab was talking about the him in your post..

    hmm… -shrug-
    oh well..

  6. Cheryl: it’s ok, it happens to all of us, me included. heh. But in this case, I don’t him well and it was really just a one night stand, easier to stay detached an dnot harp on it i suppose. =)

    M.O.S: what the hell haha

  7. Yep! 男人多的是。 😆

  8. fireflower: yeah *laugh*

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