A while ago I was suffering from Insomnia. Now it’s quite the reverse.

No amounts of caffeine nor sugar would help to normalize (if that’s what you could call it) my sleeping behaviour.

On top of that, I have been having dreams. Very frequently.

Yes, I dreamt of him again. For like the third time this month. THIRD TIME! It’s only been 12 days into April for goodness sake. If Freud were still alive I think I could qualify as his no 1 test subject.

They say that sometimes you dream what you think of in the day, or that dreams are just random thoughts your subconscious throws up. The really paranoid, anal, obsessive compulsive lot would say that they actually mean something.

Well, guess which category I fall into?



  1. I pick the option C!!!

    *cue blurping sound from the gameshow $1million dollar chance of a lifetime after pressing the keyboard*

  2. I’ve started having dreamless sleep, for the first since my childhood. Guess this means I am too exhausted, even if only to dream.

  3. Let me guess: all 3?

    1. You dream of what you think in the day.
    I would just take “think” to be the thinking of the Unconscious.

    2. Random thoughts your subconscious throws up.
    To hide the fact that such “thrown up” thoughts actually matter, your Conscious assigns the value of randomness to it. In fact these thoughts are of the repressed. Recall Freud’s “return of the repressed”.

    3.If (1) and (2) are true, then wouldn’t dreams actually mean something?

    Ergo, all 3. =)

  4. Dylan: wahaha..=P

    TKS: I don’t know if its a good thing for you to not dream, but for me, regardless of whether I am tired or not, I dream. =)

    1) I would say that whatever you think of in the day is something that you do consciously. Like for example, if you keep thinking of Nietzsche, Lacan, Arendt, Heidegger in the day, then chances are you’ll probably dream of having a tea party with all 4 of them at night. =P (scary thought, actually)

    At this point I’d say that 2 and 3 are pretty similar, the only distinction is that one being completely random could have no true meaning whatsoever, and that the other purposefully ascribes some meaning to it.

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