One of the greatest thing about the internet and globalisation is that with one click of the button you could gain access to all sorts of music, movies, TV shows, whatever.

Which led me to discover, by chance, this musician who is pretty talented. He might have been around for some time now, since I found his song “Beautiful Disaster” pretty familair. But it was his other song, “Human” that made me sit up and listen.

I think apart from meaning, there is alot of emotion and raw talent in the guy. Which again, led me to start searching EVERYWHERE for his album. I found it on Which is just as well since I was planning to get Mandalay’s Solace as well because its so bloody expensive from HMV.

So, if anyone else is thinking of buying stuff from Amazon, do let me know, I think combined shipping ought to be cheaper, no?

I’ll leave this option open until 28th April, that’s 16 days for anyone who may need time to browse and decide. Drop me an email and we’ll work out the details.




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