Yet again.

It happened again, with 3 different men on 2 separate occassions. If I had anymore weird dreams like this, the OCD in me would feel compelled to start a category just for my weird dreams.

Anyway, the first was strange enough. I was someone’s girlfriend, but was secretly attracted to someone else, who was a relative of the person of whom I was a girlfriend to. I knew both people, and have had a short bout of attraction towards the one I was attracted to in the dream. The funny thing was that he knew I was interested in him, and there was this whole under the table thing going on which I couldn’t quite comprehend with my groggy mind when I was awake.

The second was just out of this world.

I was a new staff at some company dealing with I don’t know what because all I did in the dream was to check my emails and help with the cleaning of the glass doors because the cleaner was on leave and we all had to chip in, all at the same time being very very afraid of the big boss who only saw you twice a year in his office.

Suddenly fear turned to enjoyment when it seemed the worst was over and I found ourselves having beer and drinks at some party. And then all the colleagues seemed to disappear apart from myself, two other guys and one other girl, and even though I seemed to have this secret relationship going on with one of the guys, I had no qualms about passionately kissing BOTH of them at the party.

How’s that for weirdness.

Did I mention in that dream the boss was a big bad werewolf and we were all creatures of the dark/underworld (vampires, ghouls, etc) with differing powers?

Oh, and both men & myself ride big bad bikes.

AND I was in a skin tight leather suit.

I think, eventually, my dreams would be more interesting to read than my now non-existent sex life.  The horror.



  1. I dreamed last night that I was in this dark room. I could hear trafffic on the highway. I was scared that no one would would ever love me again. And then I was scared in case I never felt love for anyone again. And then I fell asleep.

  2. hmmm, weird dreams are a part of my daily routine, it seems. =)

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