Hot Sex.

What is it about Hot Sex?

The primal urge in wanting someone, craving for someone, and eventually having him?

The moment where all pretences are off, the clothes come off, and all there’s left in between you and him is raw desire and hunger.

Where each and every touch tingles all over, sending waves of excitement and anticipation.

Is it the pleasure of making him wait, of teasing him, of letting him see what he can’t have, a way of telling him, this is what you’re getting, but you’re not getting it now.

Anticipation, either you love it, or you hate it. Either way, it sends you into throes of pleasure.

And when you finally give in to your animalistic tendencies, you can’t wait to devour him whole, to take in every single inch of him, and lose yourself in the sea of satin sheets and flesh.

Hot, sweaty, glistening.

And as you lie next to him, exhausted, glowing from what just transpired, your fingers tracing his strong, masculine outline, an idea hits you, a grin spreads across your face and you take his hand, leading him out of the bed, and into the showers.

What’s hot sex to you?



  1. Some of the hottest sex I have is with myself. Although there is nothing quite as fun as a hard dick and the smell of another person’s skin.

  2. Anna: oh yeah *nod*

  3. erm..
    nothing to say about it

    i want!

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