An emotion non-explainable by words.

Remember this?

Stumbled upon this:




  1. that one’s mine..

    o yea..

    so mine..

  2. Sorry, got my name written on it already =P

  3. i didnt need to understand a single word he said man…
    just listen to that engine rumble at idle.. and wail at pace.. wowee…

  4. MOS: yeah that’s the whole point! the rumble of the engine is justt….orgasmic..

  5. er.. my Murciélago sounds pretty good too. wanna ride?

  6. I believe we have had this conversation already =P

  7. ah.. its reassuring to see your synaptic functions are operating within acceptable parameters =P

    check this out:

    £28,000 entry fee, eight-day, 3000-mile drive across three continents. Mostly rich dinks with orgasmic cars.


  8. whaaaaat..

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