Free meat,
Free game,
What does this all mean to you?

I struggled to find an answer, but couldn’t.

If a girl’s free game, she’s free on the market for whoever she desires, whenever.

When a guy is free meat, he’s free to isn’t it?

What if a girl is free meat, or a guy is free game? Does it matter?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Sounds almost the same doesn’t it?

But to say I am free meat sounds almost like self-objectification. Do I have to hook myself up like they do to the Chicken & Ducks in the Roasted Meat stalls at the hawker centre while I’m at it?

If I am free game, I almost put myself on this pedestal, like in the ancient times when the bride is offered to the man who can outplay and outwit the rest of his competitors in brutal and violent competition. The best man wins, with tens of others who risk their lives to be in that position.

So, is there really a difference, or is it some psychological game that we’ve all been born into? A game of language, a play on words?  Is it really all the same?



  1. Derrida would have told you that it’s all about language.

    Lacan would have said signifiers.

    Freud would say you are suffering from hysteria.

    And no worries on the headsup.

  2. tis a game of words. well.. free meat connotes the visual imagery of headless fowl, or smoked ham (if you prefer pork) hanging from the hooks in some butcher’s den. Just hanging there, for you to pick from as and when you desire.

    On the other hand, free game implies that a hunt, a chase is on. In other words, the fowl is not headless, and is still able to run. Whether or not you get to eat it, depends on whether you catch it in the first place.

    So.. if you really have to be “free”, I’d much rather you be free game, then free meat 🙂

    ..bored on a friday night 😦

  3. Aristocrat: I was expecting someone to say something to a similar effect =P good to know your education is doing some good…*grin*

    tooth fairy: true true…enjoy the long weekend!!!!

  4. Wait. You mean someone said that you’re a free game?

  5. i like meat =D

  6. jack: no?

    Dylan: don’t we all..=P wait, I thought you’re straight!!!

  7. err..
    i like flesh then?

    what kind of meat are we talking about?

  8. Dylan: mwahahahaha..=P

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