I think I’m suffering from a block of some kind. Every other post I churn out doesn’t seem to make the standard, and I end up deleteing them. So I’ll stick to familair territory and I’ll say only this;

I am fed up of having fuck buddies whom I only see when they/I am horny and we both need a fuck. I am sick of snooping around late at night, doing the dirty, and then leaving.

I want a friend-with-benefits. Someone whom I can hang out with, have decent conversation with, and then if we both feel like it, we end up in bed together. Isn’t it wonderful?

Ok, now that I’ve said it, you can slap me now for being unrealistic and greedy.



  1. I understand how you must feel. But the truth is that, most start off as friends, then progress to the supposedly friends-with-benefits and subsequently fuck-buds.

    Then again, though sad as it may sound, I feel since it’s going to degenerate to that point, make the interesting part at the end. Fuck, but fuck as if it was to be the last time you do, everytime.

    Make things interesting and have fun and enjoy. Sometimes, it all goes full circle and you may just enjoy the benefits part again. Somehow it gets incorporated into the fuck sessions.

    But then again, I’m not a subject matter on this. Still looking for a real fuck. 😛

  2. Haha, yes you should concentrate on looking for yours.

    I’m just ranting for the sake of ranting.

    But actually, I think most just skip the friends with benefits part and head straight to Fuck Buddy status. It’s like, “Hi, nice shoes, wanna fuck?”

    I don’t know about you but I think the reality for many is, “I’m horny, wanna fuck?” then it’s just the whole “wham bam thank you ma’am” kinda thing.

    After awhile it gets monotonous.

    When is Chapter Two coming?

  3. Send your applicants to the Poll & weed them out in FwB Idols …

  4. chapter two comes when you want it to.. start living chapter two and youll realise its engulfing you only when its too late… =)

    to many, fuck buddies and friends with benefits equate the same thing. to many.. glad to see someone else having a distinction between the two..

    but isnt the problem the universal one when progressing from the friends to friends-with-benefits territory, the risk of losing that friend is so great that everything degenerates to fuck buddies status? dont quote me on that coz i aint exactly experienced. LOL.

    but thats the impression i get from reading (read: snooping) around, busying myself busybodying in other peoples lives (read: blog surfing). haha..

    that said, i would jump at the chance to slap you, just for the fun of it, :p, but your expectations appear neither unrealistic nor greedy, so… =)

    lets try this: think back on you past fuck buddies or friends with benefits. how did they start? how did they degenerate (if they did)? LOL

  5. It’s kinda half done. 😛

    I procrastinate a fair bit sometimes. But ultimately it gets done. Most times, I just like to surf around reading stuff to relax but on the other hand, some days I just feel I need to write to keep my mind off shitty things like real life and work.

    Just done up some (I suppose) cool, self edited graphical logos and coupled them with some themes on the blog showing off my newly learnt ability. Haha!

    But I agree with the “hi wanna bonk?” part. Maybe it’s how people view sex and friendship these days. Either you’re a friend (rarely) or you’re my bonk buddy. Why waste time having a coffee and chat when the main motive to hang out is to bonk each other’s brains out?

    Most people feel that way unfortunately.

    For me, I like a little flirt here and there. I like the journey (of coz the destination too), but a good journey’s a real turn on for me.

  6. Chapter Two will appear….
    somehow, somewhere, sometime…..

    Is it that easy to find a fuck buddy then? I am still looking for one..

  7. Aristocrat: What’s FwB?

    mos: i think you complicate matters. things really are very simple when it comes to sex. if you’re fuck buddies, you only see each other when you’re horny. and if you’re not, you don’t. simple.

    Storyteller: new logos eh? will watch out for that =) your latest post is erm, interesting. mwahaha..=P i think everyone likes flirting, and it is really the journey that is a turn on for many, unfortunately, different people just have a different idea of what a “good journey” really is.

    Stop procastinating and write the story!

    gab: yep it is, maybe you’re looking in the wrong places

  8. I don’t find your thoughts unrealistic. Neither do I find you greedy. In fact, that’s actually a part of western culture – friends with benefits.

    And hey, keep smiling ok? It’s been sometime since you did that, right?

  9. where should i look for then? any place to recommend.. 🙂

    It’s long weekend, should’nt you be out somewhere?

  10. jack: haha, the whole western/eastern culture is a can of worms altogether which i shouldn’t try to open right now. no i have been smiling often, i’m a happy smiley person.

    gab: i know places *lol*, i’m a poor slaving student who is currently buried under assignment after assignment after assignment, i have no time to be happening =P

  11. name me a few… pleeease.. LOL..
    As a student, it’s always about assignments, exams then HAPPENING…
    Ur time will come…..

  12. gab: hurhur, drop me an email then.

  13. well.. well.. well…

    you are in no way being greddy or unrealistic..

    You are in fact very ReALisTic.

    Hope you find somebody soon//

  14. Clarification: Friends With Benefits or FB (but that’s ambiguous).

    Anyway, with regards to your supposed interest, there are still vacancies available. But you will have to call up the organisers/owners of Books Actually, Kenny or Karen, whether they would be glad to have you.

    If you are interested, I’ll send you an email.

  15. maverick: =) thanks

    Aristocrat: yeah I kinda got that figured out after I posted the comment. LoL.

    Anyway I’ll have to give the event a pass, thanks though for the heads up! =)

  16. oo oo
    pick me pick me!

    *raises hand excitedly*

  17. Dylan: crazy ah you

  18. i rmb in the older post u have mention abt being a “good” gal n don want to fuck buddy lifestyle anymore rite? r u still having them now?

  19. Ken: does it matter?

  20. Lol.

    Whatever you wrote sounds vaguely familiar.

    Maybe cos I feel the same as well. I totally hate the snooping around late at night part. Especially when I so need to SLEEP..

    Anyway. I really, really do understand what you’re going through.

    Hang in there. Let’s all try to be good girls 😉

  21. What’s unrealistic about friends with benefits? As long as the line is clear, then go for it.

    The only issue, however, is MAINTAINING the line.

    I know I can do it, but really, how many other people can?

  22. fireflower: trying ;P

    Vandalin: not so much a problem for men as it is for women, is it? i mean, i know i can do it, but how many other women can?

  23. guess not:)

  24. ken: =)

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