Easily Contented.

Whoever said I was hard to please or have high standards obviously either don’t know me well enough, or have stepped on my toes so many times the mere sight of them just irritates me.

A simple gesture today, although short, and probably meant nothing to you, made me feel happy. Like, genuinely happy, like a night of good sex, kinda happy.

It’s all the simple things that you do that make me happy, you know?

Right, I bet you don’t.

Anyway, it’s funny how sometimes my dreams are a premonition of things to come. It doesn’t happen very often but somehow when it comes to you it works like a charm.

Like how, I was sleeping in the morning and I dreamt that you called, and 5 minutes later you did call to make sure I was awake for school.

Today was the same, when after I blogged about dreaming of you, you just popped out of nowhere. Almost literally.

Strange, isn’t it?



  1. If only what I dreamt in mine
    Could have come true as easily as yours did then

  2. Aristocrat: what did you dream of? Dean’s List? Struck Toto?

  3. Maybe we all need a little rubbing of luck from you, miss dream-maker?

  4. chaosm: you’re alive! *laugh* nah, i’m not thaaat lucky. =)

  5. maybe just that wee bit perceptive? (as in extra sensory perception) hahahahaa..

  6. No, not Dean’s List & not Toto (that would be nice though) …

    But something more primeval …

  7. Hah…barely alive. Been falling asleep at work. Hehe. And coming back home to watch my baby sleeping.

    And as to your Hmm post, I think your posts are fine. I like reading them. Frank.
    Maybe it’s just that as you are getting older, things don’t excite you that much anymore to inspire you to write. That’s why I’m glad I’m only 14 years old. 🙂

  8. mos: heh..

    Aristocrat: ooh? *raise brows*

    chaosm: lol, you’re 14, working, and have a baby. I wonder how does that all work out for you =)

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