Sometimes, at the end of the day, all you want is some meaningful conversation.

I was out with a friend, doing supermarket shopping awhile ago and bumped into someone from school. There was nothing wrong in that except that the friend I was shopping with is about 13 years older than I am, and he does look much older than I am. The friend I bumped into was pretty shocked and on a later occassion when we met again she pulled me aside and told me her concerns.

She was wondering why I was hanging out with a much older man and expressed concern that I was being “owned” by him.

I think alot of people have the misconception that just because a younger woman is with an older man, she’s a kept woman, or she’s just with him for the money. I mean, I’ve been guilty of gossiping about some random pretty young thing with a much older man and saying stuff equivalent to the fact that she’s just with him for the money. We’ve all done that, we’re all guilty, but I think, sometimes, these things just aren’t true.

Just because a man is 13 years older than me, it doesn’t mean that we both cannot be friends and see each other as equals, who can enjoy hanging out with each other for the sake of each other’s company and enjoy meaningful conversation with each other. Does every relationship like that have to be stereotyped into a material thing?

It’s not that I’m underestimating the prescence of guys my age and younger, or those slightly older, but sometimes I think it helps that I have someone much older to run to when I need someone to talk to simply because by virtue of their age they might have gone through alot more than most people my age have and have better insights on life. At their age when they’ve got everything else going for them, they no longer see the need to validate themselves with material things like money and career and working hard towards a nice apartment and a fast car because they’ve got it all and seen it all already. I think it’s nice to have someone one like that in my life because they’re no longer living life in the fast lane, and can afford to slow down a little and entertain people like me. *snigger*

But seriously, at the end of the day, does it really matter that I’m hanging out with someone so much older? I mean, yeah he’s living life comfortably and can afford to take me to fine restaurants and everything, but all there’s going on between us is built on a platonic relationship and not anything material.

Sure, there would still be those women who are with a much older man for his money, better still if he’s 55 and on the verge of cashing out his CPF. I’m not trying to defend these people but I think, sometimes, all a girl wants is some stability, be it material, spiritual or emotional.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have Daddy issues.


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