To you geeks out there, this is not related to geekery. Just a disclaimer. 😉

I was having a conversation with someone I met recently, and we got onto the topic of marriages. Him, being much older than I am was giving me a list of all sorts of possible men I could marry and he got to how I could marry a banker but then after awhile because of his job everything will turn out to be a financial transaction. Something like that.

Before I carry on, this isn’t a banker-bashing session, so no offense to anyone who’s reading this and happens to be a banker and say..”Hey! I’m not like that!”

So anyway, said friend was painting a possible scenario where a couple of years (or more) into the marriage, and he asks me how I’d feel if one day my banker husband (hypothetically) tells me “I own you”.

That got me thinking for awhile, but I’ll be honest, I am (somewhat) ambitious and I get attracted to power.

So I said, “To be honest, if he really told me that, I’d be really turned on. So I’d grab him and push him into the bedroom and make hot passionate love to him. When we’re done, I’ll climb on top of him and say; No baby, I own you.”




  1. Hey! Haha.. I thought exactly the same by the time I got to the fourth para 🙂 And I totally agree that it’s such a turn-on to know that you hv the power over someone who owns everything else.

    But shhh.. we mustn’t let too many pple know about our “tell” (think poker). *smirk smirk*

  2. Haha, looks like i’m not the only one here huh =P

  3. Yeah. Go Pwn him!

  4. Your friend seems to be making the assumption that the man is the financial pillar in the relationship. I know plenty of women who are the financial equals or superiors to their partners.

  5. TKS: yes there are plenty of women who are financial equals or superiors, but in the conversation we were kind of talking about me being a rich tai tai, hence… =)

    If you do happen to be a banker, I hope you weren’t offended.

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