Weird Dreams continued.

Magic Mushrooms!

My adventures with weird dreams continues.

In both dreams on two separate nights, it was between me and this other person, both of whom I’ve only met once. In the first dream he was helping me with some school project, and in my dream the camaraderie between us was just wonderful. We joked and talked and chatted like close friends, and I found myself introducing him to parts of my life.

In the second dream I needed help with something else. I can’t quite remember what but it involved some degree of blood and gore, somehow. Just like the dream in the previous night with the other person in it, the connection with this one was interestingly stronger than what we have in real life. Afterall, I’ve only met him once, we had dinner, we chatted, that was it. No follow-ups, no nothing. But in the dream it was like we knew each other forever, and he was there to help me get out of whatever I got myself into.

In both dreams, they seemed to my knight in shining whatever.

Do I really need rescuing that much?



  1. Hmm… seven years of bounty followed by seven years of drought perhaps? Although we may never really get at the heart of what dreams mean (why does everything have to mean something?), they are always interesting. Strange acts of nocturnal invention.

  2. i get such dreams too. really random, out-of-the-blue. at the moment, when you initially wake up, you’re still wrapped up in that warm, cozy feeling. but 2 minutes later, u go “huh?”

    i dun think it’s about needing to be rescued. maybe you did have a good impression of that other person, and it just got stuck in your mind, floating up only in ur subconsciousness. and that’s just it.

    but of course, the romantic in me (i.e. believer of cosmic influences) might also like to think that maybe… he.. is truly the one that you’re meant to be with. heh.

  3. Oscarandre: hmmm, true, but then it depends on whether you believe in all that talk about dreams being a manifestation of our subconsciousness, in any case, even if it was, i wouldn’t know how and where my subconsciousness got such ideas from.

    tooth fairy: yes! exactly, that warm fuzzy feeling, lol. well i suppose you’re right on both counts, but then again, i think sometimes we like to look into these things because it gives us some kind of control overselves.

    or maybe, just maybe, i had some magic mushrooms for dinner and never realised it =P

  4. i think weird dreams are on the rise! it just might be the global unconscious working to move us in in different directions. perhaps you need a secure person, a comfortable person to help you get through the despair you’ve been feeling.

    my weird dreams lately involve someone other than my wife and that is unsettling. is it an affair, if i dream it?

  5. so .. ‘chim’

    i’ll save you babeh!

  6. lerxst: interesting question, i used to dream of being with all sorts of different guys too and that made me feel a little guilty when i wake up in the morning, but i don’t suppose its a form of infidelity if you didn’t actively will yourself to dream things like that?

    Dylan: hahahaha! save me with what? your 5 day eating plan? =P

  7. nope .. didn’t actively will it. it just happens! sometimes it’s with different (unknown) women but most of the time it’s with just one. yes she’s known to me and my wife …

    i don’t will it, but i do have that guilty feeling.

  8. lersxt: well, i’ve done some reading up on dreams myself, and the fact that you dream about another woman probably doesn’t mean that you’re being unfaithful. i’ve read that when you dream of someone else in dreams, especially friends, family, etc., it usually means that there is some area in your life which you need to pay attention to.

    ok that may sound like a load of bullcrap, or it may sound like perfect common logic, but well, whatever gets us through the day =)

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